Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can I adopt/buy a Persian Kitten?

Two years ago, when I was hospitalized my home was broken into. Many valuables stolen, the most valuable were my persian cat and cockitiel bird. When my husband died, my cat mourned with me and was always in my lap or at my feet. I miss him so very much. The thief took a polorize picture of my cat and left if for me. I think this was very cruel and sick. I have no family and need a furry friend to love. I tried all the shelters and even Ebay to no avail. Please help. Much thanks.
I live in Downers Grove, IL. 60515
I know of a site that you can get a Persian at..
I hope this will help.
a pet store
Ask the local rescue kennels to keep u informed about the breed you are interested and if they have any Persians rescue volunteers dept. ( here we have boxers- feral cats- etc teams) and always check the newspapers- always be careful of sites that are not registered when trying to adopt on line- alot of scams out there- Bless you and you never know a stray may come up and need you just as much as you need.
I am so sorry.. that is a horrible story. I got my naughty little persian by calling NZCF (its the association good registered breeders are members of in NZ) and had to travel to get my kitty but she's of good stock! Obviously purebreds can be a little more expensive but if theres none at the shelters its your only option.. A quick google or look in your phonebook or even your local spca could put you on to some decent breeders. And whatever you do, don't get one that has PKD unless you want to suffer heartbreak all over again.
I would just type in Persian cat breeders in Downers,grove,IL.This will pull up breeders in your local area.That is really horrible that some one broke in to your house and to top it off steal your animals.People are so thoughtless now a days.I hope it all goes well and you will find a new loving little furry kitty.I also have a Persian kitty I really love him.


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