Friday, May 21, 2010

When will a boy cat spray?

hes only about 3months now...but hes indoor only so i wanted a heads up on this subject. when can he be nuetered?
if you fix him 6 months at the LATEST you'll be fine, he'll never spray.
Neutering can be done very young now days, but most vets want to wait until 6 months, which is almost always okay with boy cats (for preventing spraying).
5 months is better, if your vet will do it then.
Just don't wait past 6 months, and you'll be fine.
Even if he's indoor only, doesn't mean he won't spray if he's not neutered soon enough.
They spray when they think their territory is threatened. If there is another male cat outside of the house and spraying around the house, your cat may spray around the perimeters of the walls on the inside of the house.
Talk to your vet if you have a problem. We had a problem with urinating, and moved the box to where he was going, and the problem went away. Also, talk to your vet regarding the time to neuter him.
hi think its 6months nan had hers done !
check with your local vet or ring your vet and just ask they shouldnt mind!
They spray when they reach sexual maturity to mark their territory. If you have him neutered before he reaches that and he shouldn't spray. Diffierent vets will neuter at different ages, usually when their testicals drop.
The answer is yes, "Tom's Spray" any and everywhere.
Dated this Girl once that had a dang Tom and that SOB would come into the bedroom and spray my pillow. I
developed a strong distaste for him and He for me!m lol
Guess he thought I was gonna take his Mommy....
when hes about 1 year old

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