Monday, May 24, 2010

Which plant species is more toxic to cats, Umbrella Tree or Ficus Tree?

We were given two potted indoor trees as a gift. One is an Umbrella Tree, and the other is a Ficus Tree. We want to keep at least one of them, as they are very pretty, but we are worried about our cats.
Our cats have never been known to chew any of our other house plants, but we don't want for one slip-up on their parts to be very toxic or even fatal!
I know some plants are more toxic than others, but maybe someone can shed more light on which (if either plant) is worse.
Neither of those plants are toxic to cats. They may chew the leaves and then throw up, but not because they've been poisoned. One of my cats never saw a plant she didn't want to nibble and shred.
Basically, all parts of any plant that grows from a bulb are poisonous.
Here is an illustrated list of toxic houseplants
and an article on how to train your cat not to nibble plants
I don't know anything about an umbrella tree, but I can assure you from first hand experience, if you really like this Ficus tree (and I loved mine)---keep your cat/cats away from it! No, they are not toxic to cats, and mine ate my entire Ficus tree---I was left with an empty twig. Naturally, the tree died. The cat, however is just fine.
both can be toxic if the eat enough moth balls taped to pot or layed on soil will detour them also get a squrit bottle with water when u see them go for the plant give them a squirt will not hurt in any way but cats don't like water on them and the scare will tell them to stay away good luck

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