Monday, May 24, 2010

Who likes cat?

Some of my best friends are cats.
I 鈾?cats!!
I DO!!
I don't. I like dogs better.
I like cats ! Cats are pets that are independant
I love cats in fact I have two. DC(short for Darn Cat) is a ten year old mackeral tabby male. Panda is a black and white ten year old tuxedo female. Both are spayed and neutered.
I hate cats. Unless thier the type you can pet and play with.
I love cats
i had 3 cats but my female cat "tigger"had to be put to sleep.she got sick right around the time of all that food recall.i still have her brother "mouse" and another called "bubba"my cats and now a puppy(pomapoo)her name is baby girl.
Love them!!
I like Cats but not at home.
I love animals but I do not support the practice of keeping pets at home. Let them live the way god has designed.
love my feline friends..
i do. my fiance does. we have four.
my mom and dad do-they have 1 and a dog.
my aunt does she had six.
i do i do!
why, do you happen to have any for me?
I love cats for their independence - if you win the affection of a cat, then you've really gained something wonderful. Besides, a house without a cat is NOT a home. (typing this with a very large cat in my lap %26lt;g>)
I like cats! I like dogs also though!
I love cats, dogs are cute, but cats are better. I have two! a 17 year old white long hair named Pickket, and a 3 year old short hair tabby/bengal mix named Sandy. Both of them are girls and they are awsome!
I like cats.
I don't feel like my house is my home without one
i like cats ,i got 3!,there very nice pets
I love cats!
ooooooooooooh meeeeeeeee!! yes yes yes
i'm crazy about cats, they r the cutest animals in nature...
i don't care if ppl call me a freak, really. if u don't have a cat then ur missing a lot...i have 2 (SouSou %26 Moshi)...and i need more. do u have an extra one?

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