Monday, May 24, 2010

Which cat should I get?

Im getting a kitten soon. But I want to get one that will let me do whatever I want to it, play with it, let me brush it, and one that is unique and does crazy things, like play with water, run around crazily, and do fun stuff. I dont want a grumpy cat. And Im sure each type of cat revolves around a certain personality, right? Well, which TYPE of cat do you think fits my description?
i have a main coon kitten and a ragdoll cat, they arnt moggy cats they are indoor cats and will let you do what ever to them even hold them like a baby! you can let them outside, we do! so a ragdoll or a maincoon! they are really loveable!
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If you get any kitten at a very young age, and get it used to being held, brushed, and played with, it will let you do those things when it grows up.
The Turkish Van likes water. Check the cat fanciers asssociation for info on cat breeds as a starting point. The whiskers site is Australian but has info on cat breeds and personalities of each.
Dunno, most cats have those qualities. if you get it young you can train it to be like that. it depends if you want long or short haired cats. i suggest tabby.
Breed descriptions can give you information about what these cats are like IN GENERAL. That means most of these cats act this way. However, you must realize that each cat will have it's own personality. The personality develops as the kitten grows up and many times will depend on how the kitten or cat is treated. Scottish Folds are supposed to be very laid back cats, quiet and comfortable with children and other pets. Most of the Folds I have are pretty much like that, but I have one that "talks" all the time, which is kinda cute. I have another that is a real "fraidy" cat and wary of everything. With patience we've managed to calm her down a little, but it has taken a long time. We know she'll never be a lap cat. I have another whose life is measured in tummy rubs and does all sorts of funny things. I have another that I consider a "cat's cat", meaning he would never, ever do anything silly. I've found that when a cat is "fixed" it will be less grumpy. I think you'd like to read about cat breeds and cat personalities, so I suggest you go to the library and see what you can find. There is also a website where many questions are answered. Good luck with your new kitten.
Keep in mind, though, most cats won't let you "do whatever you want to it" -- put yourself in the cat's place and think about it. Are you sure you're mature enough to have the responsibility of a kitten? It's not a toy.
Every cat is different I have two cats a domestic short hair she is black and I have a persian. The short hais is very independent and wants to be left alone but the persian loves to be around people and she is crazy. She has the cutest personality and she can be so sweet so, It just kinda depends.
Well i have one rag doll and one samiese the rag doll is actully very crazy and keeps on steeling socks and when i do the laundray and the thing spins she puts her paw on the glass and spin her head she also goes to the bathroom o the roof and well once i accduntully steeped on her tale and she just meowed and still loved me so i recomened rag doll!
I really have NO idea but if you get it as a kitten you can train it to do what you want AND it'll be more close to you! best of luck!!
no matter what type of breed you get if they are kittens they will have a lot of energy and be really playful and loving. their personalities will depend on the type of owner they have I believe. If the owner holds it a lot when they are kittens and play with them they will be the type of cat that likes to be held ect. and congrats on your new kitten
Go to an animal shelter and play with the cats there. Theres so many that need homes and fit your description perfectly!

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