Monday, May 24, 2010

Which cat litter is the most earth frendly?

The Corn or wheat ones that are flushable and biodegradable
The recycled paper litter
The one made out of recycled wood (pine)
The biodegradable one won't harm the environment, whichever way it is disposed off I suppose....
If you flush it after you use the bathroom yourself (without flushing right away) you don't have to waste extra water for it.
The others are just recycled, you're right.
To be completely honest, I'm not sure (I've no idea what amount of processing is needed for every kind f.i.), but the corn/wheat sounds plausible to me.
The wheat ones.
They are all fine, but I prefer the Swheat scoop. I like the fact that its flushable and clumps.
I really liked.okay no, my cats ONLY accepted feline pine out of all the litters. When I tried the other stuff they would do their business RIGHT BESIDE the litter box!!! Very frustrating few months of trial and error
The recycled wood sounds good to me.
I would say the first one, but I was told you can have plumbing problems if you flush litter that's flushable. I don't know if this is true; I bought Swheat Scoop but couldn't use it because my cat hated it. I ended up donating it to someone who fosters cats.

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