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Where can I find my kittens good homes!?

My cat had kittens about 8 weeks ago, 5 little bundles of fluff and they have grown and are ready for their new homes. I have found homes for 3 of them, but I can't find homes for the last 2! Has anyone got any ideas on how to go about finding homes for these last 2 babies. The other 3 I have homed by asking through friends, friend of friends and neighbours.
Any ideas on where to find good homes?
Try putting ads in shops or supermarkets. Or asking people at work.
advertise in local paper or get in touch with the local animal sanctuary they usually good at finding homes
I hope you got your cat spayed. That was very, very irresponsible of you to allow your cat to have a litter. 90% of all cats are killed because of people like you. There are not enough homes for all these cats. Are the people that you gave the cats to going to fix them???????
Too many cats because of people like you. Good luck.

To magpyre:
Do your homework A$$wipe. Check it out before you open your ignorant mouth.
put an add somewhere or bring them to kitten aunt does that.
Ask your local vet, pet shop etc. As a last resort, advertise them. Don't give them away though. Charging makes sure you get someone who really wants them.
ads up in pet stores/grocery or signs in ur neighborhood would work great! or your could try advertising them over the interent maybe..
This is a very big problem when you don't have your pets spayed or neutered. I don't want to give you a lecture or make you mad, but there are sooooo many homeless cats and kittens in shelters. Instead of adding to the population, please have your cat spayed. If you don't, you are going to have this problem every year. I really do hope you find homes for these kittens, but now there are kittens in the shelters who won't get adopted and will be put to sleep because they took your cat's kittens instead of going to the shelter.
Place an add in your paper, and then hopefully you will find homes!
goodluck (:
Good homes are hard to find considering a cat can live an average of 15 years if kept indoors. Do not, I repeat, do not advertise free kittens!!! Charge a fee even a small fee to cover the cost of kitten food and shots you've paid for. Keeps the undesirables away.
Call your local shelter and ask if they are a no-kill shelter, if so take them there if they're not already full of kittens.
Seriously consider having the mom spayed, or you'll be going through this all over again soon.
put an add up in your vets.
Ulcrum is an idiot, how can 90% of all cats be killed, thats just illogical.

anyway try putting a card in the Vets surgery, make sure you interview everybody interested, if they have very small children, dont let them have one, small children and cats are not a good mix. will allow you to place a free add in their classified section. Also, if you have a Petsmart nearby they usually have a lost/found pet board that a lot of people post pets they're looking for homes on too. locating your local freecycle group online or craigslist group is also a good place to start. If you dont mind spending a small amount of money then place an ad in your local newspaper's classified section, I'm sure you will get calls.
Well, put up a poster in your vet's place or at the super market.
When they reach you asking for a kitten say, " Sure you can have one, after answering this questionare." That way if they really want them thay will be willing to fill it out. Ask questions like, Where would you keep your new kitten? And, Do you have any other cats? And, Have you had a cat before?
And, What other pets do you have?
Stuff like that, that way you can make sure they want one and that they will be a suitable parent!!
Perhaps you should have thought of that before you let your cat get pregnant.
Sorry but it really annoys me when people do this!
I work as a volunteer for an animal welfare organisation and at present we are looking for homes for three litters of kittens! 17 kits and one now unwanted mum who was 'dumped' and found just 2 days before giving birth.
PLEASE have her spayed before she gets caught again! You are adding to an already over-whelming problem, do you realise just how many kittens one cat could produce in it's lifetime! It's well over 100!!!
As to your problem get in touch with the nearest shelter, at least they'll try to insure that the kittens are placed with people who really want a cat and won't get tired of it as soon as it leaves kittenhood behind! I wouldn't put the figure as high as 90% as ulcrm did but well over 50% (not counting the feral populations) of adult cats are euthanised. It's hard placing adults in good homes because people choose the cute little kittens first!
How about trying your local cat or animal charity, they will make certain they go to a good home with a cat lover
any problems rehoming them and take them to the local cat protection league who will vet the prospective owners and make sure the kittens go to good homes.
I dont no but whatever u do dont put dem on da street in cardboard box saying free kittens. Maybe the vet might be able to help you. they always have posters for people who want to find homes for their pets that they cant keep.
Hi there,
1. Hand them over to shelters, if there is room for them, as they will be able to find great homes by 'vetting' the people and judging their homes and character more acurately than most of us can.
2. Place an ad in the paper, in your local vetinary office and in pet shop windows. CHARGE MONEY for them! Charge at least 拢50.
If you sell them yourself, construct a questionnaire for them to fill in, with questions such as "Can I visit your home to check that it is suitable for the kitten?", "Will you be keeping him indoor or outdoor, or both, and why?", "Can you tell me when you will have to take the kitten to the vet and what will need to be done?" (this shows that they have done their research before getting the kitten if they can tell you that they are taking the kitten for vaccinations at 9 weeks, 12 weeks and to be neutered at 6 months). If somebody really wants a kitten, they will be more than willing to fill this in.
Also, I would definitely charge for them. I know you say that what you will likely do is pretend to charge for them in the advert, but give them away for free, but please don't do this. You'd be surprised how many people do this in order to escape the loophole of advertising free kittens and getting some shady people taking them home. What they don't realise is that because less people are advertising their kittens for free, these shady people will visit all kittens in the newspaper in the hope that they will actually be able to get them for free.
If you feel guilty about taking money for the kittens, which I would do too, I say that you should take a fee of about 拢50 (the average price for kittens where I live, in Surrey), then donate this money to your local cat rescue shelter. If you sold both kittens, a 拢100 donation would really help them out.
Again, I'm afraid that I have to agree with other people and say that it is a shame kittens are still being born when there are so many kittens in shelters waiting for homes. The problem is that people either can't be bothered to go to shelters, don't want to be 'vetted' by shelters to get a kitten, don't think that shelters have kittens or buy on impulse and don't want to wait two weeks to be matched to a kitten by a shelter. If everyone spayed their cats, people would HAVE to go to shelters for kittens; meaning that shelters would have free space to take on new kittens, instead of euthenising them because there is simply not enough room for the kittens on the waiting list and nobody can look after them. The actual statistic is over 100 cats and kittens PER DAY being euthanised in the UK because there is not enough room in shelters. I am glad you are planning to get your cat spayed now.

xx Emmie
Advertise in shop windows and such, and as for the mummy cat not being spayed until the milk has dried up, you don't have to wait if she's showing signs of being sexually active. Minx had kitten eleven weeks ago and was due to be spayed when her milk dried up, but I found her in many a position with a male cat and the vet said we could go ahead with spaying her before her milk dried up because a) the kitten I kept was still feeding and wouldn't be stopped and b) there was less risk of pregnancy if she was spayed and it would have been detreimental to her health otherwise, so she was spayed two weeks ago and her milk has since dried up.
Hope this helps.
You have found out what happens when there is a large supply of kittens, and too few homes. It is good you have found homes for three; you want to try and find a forever home for the remaining two, and you are finding that difficult. You have been given some suggestions, the best one is that it not be FREE. If they are not willing to pay anything, they are less likely to give it the type of home you want for the kitty. See if you can get them to pledge they will have the cat spayed or neutered.
You probably have another month before it becomes more difficult to find a home, as so many want that tiny kitten compared to a slightly older kitten.
I would be less concerned about the one kitten who nuzzles than I would about getting her spayed. She will soon be totally focused on escaping to get pregnant again.
If she is spayed before all the kittens have left, and they hiss at her, rub her with a towel, and rub them with the same towel to transfer the scents equally among them. She will come back with a vet/hospital scent that they will not recognize.

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