Monday, May 24, 2010

Which food can you give to a hedgehog-one has wandered into our garden.i heard either dog or cat food?

thanks for any help
Do not give milk to hedgehogs as it gives them diarrhoea and they can die from malnutrition. supplement their diet with cat or dog food, small pieces of meat or chicken and even crushed peanuts in small amounts.. there's a great website that explains a hedgehogs natural diet and then gives advice on what you can and can't feed them. its great that you are helping to feed the hedgehogs in your garden..:)
I usuallly give them cat food and a bowl of milk or water.
you can give them cat food and water. dont give them milk
yea give it cat food or dog food as they r meat eaters and leave out sum water good luck
dont give hedgehog milk not good for them u can buy food at pets at home for them 30 p a tin dog food ok in smalll amounts all the best take care
i think that they like dog food
ooh how cute! and nice...x
give it warm cat or dog food...or maybe seeds and nuts!
i had a hedgehog in my dog tried to annoy him so he stung him hahah..remember they don't like cold food!
I've heard the same, dog or cat food too.
Don't make a regular habit of leaving some out for them though. Just an occaisonal one off, they'll smell it a mile off. They are wild animals and must continue to find food in their natural way and not become lazy by having an easy source put on a plate for them.
i had some in my garden
i gave them cat food they seem to like that
i put them in a bucket and put them in the local park away from the road...
Cat food and water. Or you can buy an insect mix like you would feed baby birds. Thats expensive though.
They are good for your garden they eat slugs etc!
Cat or dog meat in jelly, use a plate or shallow dish!
Try %26 put it in the same place always!
Hi please do not give the hedgehog milk as they are " Lactose-Intolerant" , having dairy products will make them quite ill. (even though they like it).
DOG and CAT food are better than dairy but both are often too high in fat and too low in protein for the hedgehog.
It is best to leave a small treat , leaving appetite for the pests in ones garden.
Their diet consists of , birds eggs (so if you have an egg!), grassroots, melons, watermelons, mushrooms toads , frogs, snails and insects, with a big liking for berries.
Hope you find this useful
My friend helps out at the local hedgehog rescue centre. They advise to leave tinned cat foot and water for your visiting hedgehog.
yeh they like dog or cat food, and u7 could dig up worms and stuff i guess.
You need to call a hedghog rescue centre. You can contact one at:
Hedgehog Rescue
11575 SW Pacific Hwy. Box 148
Tigard, OR
phone: (503) 230-1624
or, if you live in England, here is a list of carers to take it to:
In the mean time, give it some chicken-flavoured cat food mushed in with water.
This happened to me a little while ago. I put out cat food for it at first (sheba), but it was so inept at being a hedgehog that it was awake in the day, and slept at night (but slept in the open, not under a hedge or anything!). By the third day of it being in the garden, it was in such a bad way that I took it into my house and called a rescue centre, who told me what to do that night, before I brought him over to the hadgehog rescue centre in the morning. I spent the next two hours getting the flies eggs off him, covering the ticks in olive oil so that they would drop off, and swabbing his mouth to get the maggots out. I'd left it too late; by the next day, he was dead. Don't let the same happen to yours!
Cat food is the best food to give them also give them water not milk as the milk will upset their tummys.
cat food, and a bowl of water. Do not give milk. It gives them squits!
Use dog food but ony put it out if it wont attract other dogs to your garden cos that will be bad news for both the dog and the hedgehog.
Meal worms, cat food, uncooked seasoned meat,Caterpillars
I found this off of Wikipedia
Hedgehogs eat both plus any meat at all. We've been leaving food out for a fox and our hedgehogs eat most of it before foxy even gets a chance!

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