Monday, May 24, 2010

Wheres my cat?

Shes an indoor/outdoor cat and can be out for a few hours at a time. But its been a whole day and shes never left our property and I can't find her and i don't know what to do and im really devasted right now.
Do you think i should put posters out already, its been one whole day.
Also, WHERE DO CATS GO ? not like people really know
I Think you should wait one more day, at least, maybe 2 more days. Maybe you should put food outside your door. That way she may come back because of the food. You could also walk around you neighbor hood just looking for her. After 2 or 3 days(after putting out the posters) you can go to the animal shelter ans see if anyone has found her. After about 4 days(after putting out the posters) I would suggest putting an ad in the newspaper.
Is there anyplaces that she hangs out? She may be there. Does she like the neighbor's cats? Ask if they've seen her. Check around your yard. Maybe she got hurt some how and i under a bush.
I hope you find your cat! Always have hope!
not a day, my one cat went out for a whoel week, but I think someone took him in, but after 5 days i did call and I was about to put poster up
my cat ran off and got hit by a car better luck 4 your cat
I would give her a whole day and night sometimes they like to wonder and travel. Good luck and hope she's ok.
Sorry to hear about your missing cat - but if you let it out side - even for a second your risking never seeing it again sadly cats meet with automobiles often , other cats , racoons non cat friendly dogs %26 other such potentialy life threatening disasters - if he/ she returns PLEASE only keep your cat INSIDE. Also cats choose their own owners - s o she may have found a new home for herself.
awww i'm sorry i hope you find her...she'll probably be back yet tonight or tomorow morning, cats are like that..she probably out hunting :)
I lost my dog for 5 days in the middle of the winter which included two bad snow storms, and he's just a 12 lb spoiled baby!...I got him back though thank god...he found a tree to cuddle up under and waited for me to come get him only 2 blocks away!!!...
If she's not back by tomorrow night put flyers everywhere with a picture offering a reward...and do you have myspace?-send out messages to everyone in your area!
good luck, i know how you're feeling right now, it's's so hard not knowing...
Possibly locked in a person's garage by accident. Maybe when the door opens tomorrow he will get out.
Do you live anywhere near coyotes? I know in So. California, we have alot of coyotes roaming and cats are a easy target for them. Sometimes cats like to explore as well, give it a couple of days, hopefully your kitty will show up, Good Luck!
try the nighbors back yard serch all over your block. u should be searching insted of on the net posting a question,but i understand i guess. just keep up hope . dont put posters out yet just wait a bit she should return ours did in two days on our front door step.
My Daughter and i just went thru the same thing.Our Siamese is Neutered and was gone a whole day -and -a -half,which scared us to death.Put signs up in the morning(we did ,and think a neighbor "borrowed"our kitty,hes beautiful),we had our Cat back almost immediately after doing so.Call local Animal Shelters/Animal Control.I would advise against letting her out in the future.take a deep breathe because you may get lucky.I will never let my cat out again,he's right where he belongs.Good Luck.
I have an indoor/outdoor neutered male cat who will sometimes disappear for a day or two, especially during the summer months, and this drove me crazy with all kinds of wild thoughts of what could have happened to him. Turns out he was always just "cattin' around", eating mice, living under someone's porch for a day or two, whatever, I'm not sure. I curbed this behavior by not letting him out after dark. To get him to come, I shake a can of cat treats that he really likes, and eventually he will hear the sound and come running. Then I actually give him some treats (not just use the sound to get him to come) so he learns that he gets rewarded for coming home.
I would suggest trying to calm down, not get yourself in a frenzy with crazy thoughts of where kitty might be. (I know this is hard). Go outside, call her name, maybe shake her food bag or dish or some other sound you know she usually responds to. She may not respond right away, but I have learned this is because they have wandered farther away from home, can't hear, or it just takes them awhile to walk back home. Be patient, do this regularly, see if she comes. It always works for me.
Of course, it cant HURT to put up posters, so if you really feel that would help, then go ahead %26 do it. Ask your neighbors if they have seen kitty. Go for a walk with the food dish, doing the call thing.
Good luck, I hope you find your kitty
My cats don't go outside except for one, but when she goes outside she is on a leash and we go for a daily morning walk. I would ALREADY have the posters up and I would be knocking on all my neighbors door with a picture in hand. Also go to your local shelters with a picture and look there. Don't just call, but go with pictures. The reason I say go and not call is because when I worked at a shelter we took in a dog and his owner was calling everyday to see if anyone turned him in and the person on the phone said no, as it turned out we had his dog at the shelter the whole time. He finally came in with a picture and when I saw the picture I said we have that dog and he has been here for a week. I didn't know he had been calling because I usually took care of the kittys. Good luck finding you kitty.

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