Monday, May 24, 2010

Why are cats afraid of balloons?

idk my cat just sniffed my balloon on the floor.
and she got spooked.
its a stupid question.
but im waiting for a special answer...%26lt;3
In my many experiences with cats and sams, at first they are easily frightened by new and different things than they are used to, given time they will eventually just accept the intrusions...and perhaps.or turdhats...rather than simply accepts, they will embrace...
If you found a strange object in your room...suppose a tom in a t string laying on your bed with the word 'love' written on the scantily cladding undergarmant...then you would probably be a little spooked too, before reaching for a 12 guage pump shot gun to blow his head off...
Love always, tom
I just put an asparagus shoot next to a balloon and it didn't get spooked. I guess my asparagus is smarter than your cat.
Sorry, I consider cats to be the least necessary item on this planet. I like terrorists more than cats.
Just like Humans, Some cats are afraid of everything, some of nothing. I have 2 cats, brother and sister with completely different personalities. Midnight my male is the dominant one who chases and taunts my 78 Pound German Shephard. Dora, my Female only comes out at night but will jump to the top of my refridgerator from the floor. Or leach onto my screen door with her claws and climb up it. They are interesting and funny to watch!
Enjoy Her!

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