Friday, May 21, 2010

When do kittens turn into cats?

I was wondering how much more my kittens will grow from now. They are around 16 weeks and I was wondering how old your cat was when he/she stopped growing.
Well it all depends to me! My cat was 18 years old and she was still growing alittle. But my other cat who is about 10 now has mainly stopped all depends on the cat!
Whenever they stop being cute and nice, and they become vicious loners.
Your cat's will pro ably change into a cat within a year to two years.
They become mature at like 2 or 1
hi! I find my cats keep on growing all the time but if your asking about their size I find cats stop getting bigger when they were about 1 and a half years old. Hope this helps! Bye
Depends on the cat... Average age about 1 year but for maine coons and ragdolls its upto 4 years.
My cat is a manx and I read that they are not fully mature untill they are five years old. So it does depend on the cat.
age 1 or 2
As for growing, it depends on the cat, but usually people say kittens become cats at one year of age.
Cats generally are adults by 1 year, but they can reproduce at the young age of 6 months. depends on the breed quite a lot. Maine Coons mature by year one, but Ragdolls and Manxes take longer time (4-5 years.) On the average, cats by the age of 1 are considered "cats.'
Kittenhood is a short period of time for kitties, so enjoy it while it lasts!
Hope this helps!
Have fun with your kittens !
They go through a juvenile stage where they look adult but have not grown to full size and weight.
Most growth occurs in the first year of a cat's life. After this, they may continue to grow until they are between 2 and 4 years of age, depending on the species, but it is a very slow growth and is mostly in bulk and weight rather than in length and height.
It all depends on the individual cat but my cat stoped growing at about 6 months old but my moms cat didn't stop growing until he was 8 months old. All cats are different sizes, my moms cat is huge and fat, while my cat is long and skinny but my cat eats more so if its a mix breed then whenever they stop growing that's how big they will be.
Probably when they are one, that is when vets recomend you start feeding your cat adult cat food.

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