Friday, May 21, 2010

When will my cat deliver?

I've just recently noticed that her belly has gotten huge! When do average cats deliver? Days, weeks, or months?
My cat delivered on the 59th day..Knew exactly when she You can tell when they are close. When your cat lay's on her side very lightly feel for movement. (very light...They know they are pregnant and are protective of their bellies.) If you can feel tiny thuds, she probably has a little while more to go..(a week or two) If you feel heavier movement then it could be any day now... Good luck!! Please let us know what you find!! If you have any other questions you can e-mail me..
gotta LOVE the kittens 8O)
It should be soon.
cat gestation is 58-62 days or so.
I麓ve always had cats in my house, persians to be exact and when my gran麓s female got pregnant she told me that cats take around 2 months to deliver and she was right. Soon the female had a litter of 6 kittens.

Hope this helps!
Cats are pregnant for about 60 days. but you only really notice the female looking "fat" in the last 3 weeks. So if she is really huge i'd says shes due within 3 weeks
When did she conceive?

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