Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can I download a free screensaver for my cat to watch?

Does anyone know where I can download a free screensaver made for cats to watch? You know like mice running across the screen...
hi, this is where I get my screensavers just have a look around the site they have tons of animal screensavers, I'd think your cat should like the fishes!
have fun
I'm sorry I don't know of any. I tried to find some for you but my search only brought up screensavers of cats.
I found out it's not really a good idea to download programs like screensavers and games that are free. A lot of them, if not all,
contain spyware and can contaminate your computer with something hard to remove that can do it harm. I found this out the hard way so, be careful and think twice about it.
Perhaps you can find something like a video or cartoon you don't have to download. ?
I'm not sure about screen savers. but you can get cat sitter dvd, that shows mice, fish, birds etc that your cat can watch and attempt to get. my cats love those, we will occationally leave one of those dvds running while we are at work or out.
What you may want is to use VisiSaver.
this tool sets a video clip (avi, wmv, etc..) as a screensaver so you can create your own cat screensaver.
Rather than a screen saver, which is more likely to be static, how about a DVD (if your computer will play a DVD) or even a CD to put on your computer? I have posted just two links of DVD's of programs that show various animals to interest your kitty. I am not making any recommendation, but the links are simply to show you things are out there.
You could search for a CD, but many are already either on VHS tape or DVD, but I didn't search extensively.
look at these, maybe you'll find one that your cat likes :)
A cat's brain responds to sight much faster than a human's. It has polished rods-and-cones which allow it to reflect light and not see as well in daylight, but very well in low to almost no light. For a cat to "watch" tv it must be at a fast enough mhz for the cat's brain to resgister the image. Some high def and lcd screens are visible to cats, but mostly if your cat can see tv it means they're a little slow-in-the-head.
You might want to take a look at this page. I have tried to find ones that my cat would enjoy also. He seems to like the one with the fish the best.
I wouldn't download a free screen saver. I don't think your cat needs this external stimulus . Just have some interactive toys that your cat can play with while you are gone. Most cats sleep most of the day any way and when you come home you can play with your cat to keep it healthy and happy.

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