Monday, May 24, 2010

Where's the best place to put a litterbox when you live in an apartment?

I'm thinking about getting a cat, but I really don't know where to put the litterbox. Is it gross to have it in your living room? I really don't have any place to keep it discreet.
Ha! Me too. You have several options.
Bathroom (mine is tiny, so it wouldn't work for me)
Cupboard or closet, I put a brick and taped it so the door was open 5 inches.
Then I found THIS!!!
That's right! It's a litter box!! How's THAT for discrete!!
By the way, in case you couldn't tell, I pretty much LOVE this product. Yep.
first always remember to keep it clean and not stinking ... then remember one rule " out of site out of mind" I have mine behind a chair noone notices it ever.
Living room is fine, as long as it has a cover of come kind (and you clean it regularly).
Carefully remove the door from the cabinet containing the bathroom sink. Put the litterbox in there. You can hang a little curtain if your cat likes his privacy.
My friend keeps it under her sink in the bathroom and just props open the cabinet door so kitty can get in.
we have a large kitchen so we have it in the kitchen, all other places are too small to have it. if that is where you have room for it, have it there, you will see it every day so you won't have to worry about out of sight out of mind and forget about it till it is smelly.
If you have no place to keep it discreet, there are ways to hide it. Drs. Foster and Smith sells a sort of bench in which you can put the box. It has a opening the cat can use and a door you can open to do litterbox maintenance. Or you can find miniscreens behind which you hide the box.
I own a very big house and believe or not I keep it in a discreet corner on my dining room, your bedroom or bathroom is a good option , just get good cat litter and cleaned every day at the same time your house is not going to smell, trust me i have 6 of them inside and all of my friends are amazed in how clean is my house, remember cats are very clean.
Kitchen is not a good place, due to the fact that bacteria can spread from the litter box into food-prep areas. Best to put it in the bathroom, under the sink if possible. If you have a service porch, that's really good, too.
I have mine by the washing machine.
you can really put it anywhere you feel confortable putting it
you could put it behind a couch or under a sink or in a closet
We live in a small apartment as well and keep our litter box in the bathroom. Cats generally like a little privacy when using their box. Litter can also be hard to clean on carpet, much easier to clean in a non-carpeted room in my experience.
I have had many apartment kitties and have always kept the litter box in the bathroom area. It is currently in the bathroom by the toilet.
Previously, in larger bathroomed apartments, I have kept it under the bathroom sink.
I like keeping it in the toilet area to keep the smell confined to an area that is already considered OK to be stinky sometimes, and is deodorized more strongly than the rest of the apartment.
Plus, kittys like their privacy, and since I get mine in there, so do they.
Also makes cleaning litter easy since just scoop and flush.
My current kitten was a stray and was litter trained in one day by (i assume) associating my habits in the area with what it should be doing there also. He has never gone anywhere but in the litter box.
As a bachelor, it also encourages me to keep the bathroom a bit cleaner, since I have to sweep and vacuum more frequently to keep the litter from building up, as well as more hygenic habits for cleaning up around the area to keep my cat clean. My kitty keeps me from being a lazy solo male in some ways.
I have mine in the bathroom between the tub and the sink. This way it's more hidden and out of the way. It is always important to keep the litter box clean though. I also recommend that you buy a febreze or another air freshener.
When I lived in a condo (on one floor), I kept the litter box in one of the bathrooms. It fit between the toilet and the bathtub. I was always having to vacuum litter, but that was fine. The only other places to keep the litter box was the living room or the kitchen, and I didn't want to place the litter box in those locations because it wouldn't look too good. Plus, with the litter box in a bathroom, it provided my cat privacy when she was doing her *business*.
If you don't have any room for a litter box in your bathroom, you can place the box in your living room or bedroom and put a decorative screen in front of it to hide it and provide privacy for your cat. You can buy one of those folding decorative screens at places like Kohl's (if in USA); some decorative screens hold photos.
Well, in an apartment i would say the best place you could put a litterbox would be in a restroom. Because I have a cat and we used to live in an apartment so we put it in the restroom because really if u put it in a room the room will smell really bad after a while.Then we moved into a house and we put it in the laundry room.And dont put it on a carpet because well you know why.Lol

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