Friday, May 21, 2010

When you give your cats Revolution for ear mites, how long does it take for the ear mites to die??

And when do they stop scratching?
Revolution is usually within the system in 24 -48 hours and this point you should expect them to start to die. One dose is usually enough and they are usually all dead within 2 weeks. Your cat will stop scratching when the inflammation from the mites settles down. This can take a month. If they are scratching badly then a topical ear ointment with a corticosteriod will help. Good luck
well i have 2 cats and they all die up to 1-2 hours!:P;):):):):)
Annie: I'm sorry your cats died. Do you think it was due to the mite Rx?
Just to let you can also clean out your cats ears with a Q-tip, gently of course. Get down in there and you can get a lot of the gross black stuff from the mites out of there. It will help with the itching if the mites are already dead and gone.

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