Friday, May 21, 2010

When do i wean kittens?

my kitten are over 3 weeks now and i have started to given then water due to the hot weather but my cat keeps going out and leaving them i have tryed to given them food (don't cat food) but they just turn they nose up to it. when is best. or should i just keep going and they will start on they own.
Kittens are not fully weaned until they are 6 weeks old. The mother cat will go outside to have a break from feeding them and probably for a quick ciggie lol! No, seriously, kittens will show an interest in food from the age of 2 weeks, but you must NOT give them normal adult cat food as it will not kill them but it will make them very very ill. You should be by now using special kitten food ONLY and they will need 6 meals a day and still require their mothers milk. Never give the kittens or the mother cows milk as it is in fact very bad for a cat or kitten to digest, again, it will make them poorly.The best idea is this... put down a dinner plate with kitten food on it, if the kittens show an interest that is fine. When they leave the plate you must remove the left over food as when the air has hit it after a while the food deteriorates so you must always wash the plate in clean warm water, dont use washing up liquids either to wash cats dishes/plates, the en zymes in the liquid is very bad for their health. Any other problems give me a shout I work online for the Cats Protection.
Give them away when they are 7-8weeks old.
buy cat milk-not cows milk and dont frighten them give them small bits of tuna with there food-not hard food until they have extremly sharp teeth :P
Keep teh water fresh and cold.everyday
usually about 6 weeks old. If the mom wont stay with them try to mix moist cat food with a formula substitute and see if they will eat that. It should be soft enough for them.
They need their mom cat's milk until they are at least 5 weeks old. If you are worried about supplementing their food, go get some kitten formula. Mix it up according to the directions and try that in a low dish. They may like it!
Do they have teeth? If they have teeth you can start offering them softened cat food. Don't worry about the weening - mom will take care of it, but always have water out for them. Keep in mind that kittens need their mothers until they are 8 weeks old. They learn lots of manners from her during this time which is crucial for when they go to their new homes. They also learn bite inhibition from both mom and litter mates.
Good luck!
if in doubt keep the mother shut in with them, they wont be weaned for a bit. Yes, leave kitten food (small amount) available and they will go for it eventually! And only get worried if they seem I'll or too thin- cats are usually good at keeping themselves happy.
Their mom will do that but about 7-8 weeks. You need to keep them supplied with food and water. lock them up and give them a litter box and they will gradually learn.
I just experienced that too. Having kittens is awesome.

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