Monday, May 24, 2010

Which cat pair coexist better ? (adult cats)?

MM,MF,FF or should i just get one
If your cats are altered the gender doesn't matter as much as the personality of the cat. If you adopt kittens or young adult cats it will be easier for them to adjust then older cats.
If your cats are not altered you'll want to go with a pair of same gender cats, unless you want kittens too! Unaltered females will go into heat and be noisy and attract males from the neighborhood. Unaltered males will wander farther, get into more fights, and are apt to spray.
Cats are territorial, solitary animals by nature. Some really don't like to be around other cats and some are the best of buddies. Again, it really just depends on personality.
If the cats are neutered it really doesn't matter. If you are introducing two strange adults to each other expect some hissing and spewing
I've always heard that a male and a female will get along better than same sex cats.
its really up to you.
normally adult cats would get mean around the same gender...but if you were to get two males or two females when they are young you wont have any problems.
males tend to be more of lap sitters but females tend to be sharper and smarter [and better mouse and bug hunters]...but dont get a male and a me i started out with one male and one female and now i have those two plus two 8 month old cats [male and female] and two 9 week old males...
alot of times when people get their male cats neutered they pee doesnt smell as strong...i've had cats all my life and never noticed but some people do.and some people say when you get cats neutered/spayed that they dont want to get outside as much...but i really dont know that from experience..i've never ever gotten any of my cats spayed/neutered and they are fine...except for this time aroudn with 2 sets of 2 if i were you i wouldnt just get one...its way more fun to have 2 cats.or more in my case.
I've had cats all my life and they've always been one boy and one girl and they usually get along great! I hear two male cats can get nasty because of the territorial instinct in them, but two female cats can get just as bad... so I'd go with one male and one female and if you're worried about kittens just get the cats spayed/neutered. As far as the neutered cat not wanting to go outdoors as much, I don't think that's true, because all of my cats have been spayed/neutered and they just LOVE the outdoors, especially the male, he'll fall asleep on the deck outside, it's so cute!

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