Friday, May 21, 2010

When grooming your cat do you have to trim the nails on their back paws as well as the front?

Oh no! That will cause your cat to bleed! That is no good, because its very very hard to get it to quit bleeding. When you are trimming your cat's nails, you are only cutting away the excess. Recognizing what is excess and where the nerves and blood vessels begin is what you need to know to make nail trimming a painless process for both you and your cat.
Assemble what you will need - a high quality pair of trimmers FOR CATS and some styptic powder, Kwik-Stop, CutStop Styptic Pads or other product to stop bleeding if you nick the quick.
You may want to sit on the floor with your cat, hold your cat in your lap, or have someone hold your cat on a table. Hold your cat's paw firmly and push on her pads to extend the nail. Locate where the quick ends. With clear or light nails, it is easy to see the pink color where the quick ends.
Using a nail trimmer for cats, cut the nail below the quick on a 45-degree angle, with the cutting end of the nail clipper toward the end of the nail. You will be cutting off the finer point. In cats, the quick is generally easy to see, and you can cut the excess away with one cut.
In some cases, if the nails are brittle, the cut may tend to splinter the nail. In these cases, file the nail in a sweeping motion starting from the back of the nail and following the curve to the tip. Several strokes will remove any burrs and leave the nail smoothIf your cat will tolerate it, do all four feet this way. If she will not, take a break. And do not forget the dewclaws. If not trimmed, dewclaws can grow so long they curl up and grow into the soft tissue, like a painful ingrown toe nail.
Now this is how there paw is.
It is there nail wich is the lighter color, and then there is a vain that is a darker color on the nail. Now you DO NOT want to cut on the darker color. Just the light color.
I did this with my cats since they were lil, now they just lay back and let me start cliping :0)
Hope this helps you!
You should
Yes !! Might suggest someone help hold the cat while you trim. They tend to be a bit "skittish" about that endeavor !!
Yes you do.
The back nails usually don't grow as fast or sharp. I don't trim the back nails very often.
I always leave the claws on the rear paws unclipped - my rational is that if they get out, then they will be able to climb if needed to get away from dogs., or defend themselves.

besides by the time i have finished the front, they are usually so annoyed with me i leave them alone - lol.
Yes you should
No. The front paws are the ones that are destructive and the back nails usually stay reasonablt short by themselves.

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