Monday, May 24, 2010

Where do you think I can find a low priced teacup Parisian?

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Look online at and type in the breed of cat you want. They will show you shelters and rescues that have that breed. You put in your zip code so it will tell you what is close to you. These cats really need homes. My dog experience is that our rescued and shelter dogs are the sweetest, most loving pets. I think that would be true for cats, also. It's more economical, generally, and you would not be supporting mass-breeding. I hope you find a great fit for you!
Please do more research.
There is no such thing as a "teacup" Persian (I'm assuming you're referring to a Persian anyway) and when you're buying an animal from a breeder the price is often a direct reflection of the quality of the animal's genetics and care recieved at the breeder's. always has Persians available.
You may also want to check out
It's expensive to breed cats, so purebreds are expensive..(although most of the time not as expensive as those)
If a breeder offers them cheap/far below average price, you can bet something's wrong or the kittens and mother have been deprived of the quality care and health checks they should have gotten.
It's not likely that you'll find one in a shelter either.
Don't be in a hurry, save up, the decision to get a cat shouldn't be made overnight anyway.
Do you know the amount of work that goes into a Persian, whether dwarf or normal sized? The need to be thoroughly groomed everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day, to keep the fur from matting- are you willing to do so for the next, say, 18 years?
Also, I would like to advise you to reconsider whether you really want the "teacup" variety - they're not known as the most healthy variety/breed (this is also the reason that most of the cat associations worldwide don't recognise it as a variety/breed).
And for you, the exclusiveness will disappear soon (you'll get used to it's size), and character/temper %26 health will be what you have to deal with. Dwarfism in cats is a defect, and it really shouldn't be bred for in the first place.
Against my principles (at least they are doll-faced teacups) I'll put in a link for you anyway; f.i. this cattey has some from previous litters that weren't sold.
Some catteries might have former breeding animals to rehome too.
Do check out the purebredcatrescue link that KM provided you with, the post might be off on the teacup thing, but it's a wonderful source of info %26 you might find your ideal pet there!
When you want to buy a Persian whether it's teacup, pixie or normal size, be sure to ask for the parent's HCM (heart disease) and PKD (kidney disease, most common in Persians, but deadly) tests, and make sure your cat has something that resembles a nose (doll-face) to stay ahead of problems with the tearducts, URI's etc.
A former breeding animal should have had those tests itself.
If you buy a purebred cat, you should always get an official pedigree paper with it.

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