Friday, May 21, 2010

When i got my kitten yesterday, where it scratched me bubbled then went down, and i wheezed and coughed when i

went to bed. does this mean im allergic to cats?
if so, what can i do to help it?
Hello Vanessa---I'm sorry to inform you, but, I would say YES, you ARE allergic to THIS PARTICULAR CAT. This does NOT mean that you are allergic to ALL cats. I have the very same problem.
Most of my life I thought that I was allergic to cats--period. This turned out to be not true--I am only highly allergic to gray/black striped tabby cats. If I get even slightly scratched by one while playing, it will throw me into an instant asthmatic attack. But, I have not found any other breed (especially long-haired cats) that bother me at all. Why this is, I haven't a clue--one would think it would be just the opposite: that I would be allergic to long-haired cats and not short-haired ones (and not just ONE breed), but that's the way it is with me.
This is nothing to mess around with by trying to self-medicate yourself with allergy pills like Benedryl or Clairitin--it is more serious than this. A real good scratch or bite may even throw you into aniphalactic shock (this is something you can die of). Do yourself a favor, and wherever you got this kitten from--a friend, a shelter, a pet store, etc., please, take him/her back, explain the problem to whomever, and try choosing a totally different breed of cat. I had to do this myself about 10 years ago. After having several cats over the years, with no allergic reaction to any of them, I was sure I had finally outgrown this problem. Not true.
After the love of my life "Ozzie" (little ORANGE tabby-cat---nope, not allergic to the orange ones either) had been stolen, we took a trip to our local animal shelter where I found 2 great cats, and couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted, so I took both. One was a HUGE gray/black tabby (which I called "The love kitty"), the other was an extremely long-haired, pure white Turkish Angora who needed some serious vet care %26 surgery for an abcess on his head/ear. While the white one was at the vet (he had to spend 2 days there), it was just me and the tabby, and it got to the point that I could not even breath in my own home---I was forced (to save my own life) to take this guy back to the shelter, as much as I hated to do it. To this day, 10 years after the fact, I still have my Turkish Angora ("The Snowman"), and he's just great. Also, my son has identically the same problem with the same kind of cat--the gray/black striped tabby-cat. But, the kitty he's had for years, "Daisy" is a calico/tortie mix (shorthair), and neither of us is allergic to her either.
So, please, do yourself a favor before you get too attached to this kitten---take him/her back, and choose another breed. If possible, play with the kitty for a while (even attempt to get scratched), and see if you have any type of reaction. If so, give it up for that day because after you have a reaction to one, you won't be able to tell the difference between the left-over effects from that one and a different cat.
Finally, it may take several different tries, but if you are anything like my son and I are, you WILL find MANY different breeds that you are NOT allergic to. I hope this has been helpful to you, and if you need any further information on this kind of allergy problem, please feel free to e-mail me. Best of luck in finding a kitty you CAN live with.
I am not sure what it could mean. Depends where you got the cat if you got from a pet store, make sure it has it's shots if it stills does not go away go to doctor.
If you got a cat from somehwhere and it doesn't have it's shots it might have a disease.
Sounds like an allergy.Get rid of the kitten.Sorry.Unless you want to persevere and see if the symtoms really are caused by the cat or something else .We have boxes of tissues around our house all the time for what I suspect is the allergy to our two cats.Just depends how much you want a cat around.
i think your allergic to cats, and usually the longer the exposure the worse it gets. sorry
no it means that some mild form of bacteria entered your skin and your body cleansed itself out. Their claws are razor sharp and carry germs.
yep..but there is no help

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