Monday, May 24, 2010

Why are cats always lazy?

In the wild, this behavior would conserve energy for the hunt...indoor cats that don't hunt get the "crazies"-a wild fleeting burst of predatorial energy. Mine has them now, he's tearing up and down the hall for no apparent reason.
they're not, they just often sleep (it's a cats' life). i scared off all the mouse/cockroaches with my cats.
On average, a human will sleep 1/3 of their life, a cat will sleep 2/3 or their life. Must be nice!
I don't think they're really lazy -- they just have a very strong relax ethic.
I don't know about your cats but my cat is lazy.
because they can be...
The real question is, is it your cat or cats you've observed appearing to be lazy or are they just napping after some vigorous activity. All the evidence points to cats actually having the length of life-span due to good diet, acitve fun indoor and outdoor playtime and plenty of "cat-naps", plus the possitive attention they receive from us. Just watch a few specials about Big cats (like lions, jungle tigers, desert dwelling pumas and other breeds) you'll see that our domestic little friends act just like their larger wild cousins. Hunting, mating, defending territory, raising young, bonding with others, fighting for position, etc...are all quite similar.
If you have a cat or have watched other cats and think they're lazy, well, you've probably not watched long enough to see one wake up, stretch and preen itself, and trot off to find something to play with or eat, and see how much energy they expend in the process.
I think they sleep to "recharge their batteries" more than to just sleep when
So would we, if we didn't have to work for a living, trust me.
I don't think they are lazy. Cats are hunters and if they no longer have to work, well whats the point of doing anything. They have us making sure they are feed, we give them a good bed to sleep in and we even keep their bathroom nice and clean. I even keep the TV on so they are kept entertained. Heck I would not do anything either. I would be a bum myself just waiting for someone to pat my head and tell me that I was I good girl. LOL I love cats. what a great life.

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