Friday, May 21, 2010

When kitten goes #2 it is very very smelly. Is he sick?

I have been frequenting a forum all about litterboxes and this question has been brought up several times. It is usually the diet that causes it. The "premium" food is better on the digestive tract and causes less smell. Science Diet, Nutro Max, Iams, and a few other top brands are known to cause less smell.
maybe his digestive system is just a bit... up in the air at the moment. Has he/she started to have different food? maybe he/she is just getting used to it.
and maybe it's just normally very smelly. My cats is, luckily he does it outside, but you get the occasional whiff and it's not pleasant. If it's diahhoria (don't know how to spell that!!) then I would suggest contact your vet, just in case! =D
no, cats stink
I think all poo is supposed to stink.
its sorta suppose to stink
Mayeb you gave it the wrong kind of food.
Providing it always stank? It's the diet your feeding your cat.
I was feeding my cat, Whiskets dry cat food and, "OMG!"
Enough to clear the household out! LOL
But he was healthy, happy and shinny fur. ;-)
He may be, but it may also be the food that you are giving him. I started giving my kittie Science Diet and the litter box is a lot less smelly.
Call the vet ask questions...It's free to ask..
A stinky stool can mean different things. It could be the current food you have him on that is messing with his stomach. It could also be that he is a naturally smelly kitten. But more importantly it could mean that he is sick. When I worked at the Humane Society kittens with different types of worms or with an infection, or cold, etc. produced very smelly stools. I would suggest taking him to the vet where they can take a stool sample and test it, just to be on the safe side. :D Goodluck, and if he is just going to be a smelly kitten, clean the litter box often, more or less right after he goes #2 then spray Fabreeze or some air freshener. That is what I have to do with one of my cats. Like I said before goodluck and hopes this helps.

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