Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i find a cheap persian kitten?

it should be a female and the cost should be under $100 dollers
Try a humane shelter. They usually have all kinds of cats. If you want to breed it, though, most humane shelters make you fix them after you buy them. So don't get one there if thats your purpose.
Depending where in the world you are, I have posted a link of places that have cats and kittens. You put in your preference. Very likely, someone has turned in a Persian cat or kitten. Cost will often depend on what they would seek in the way of a donation.
But expect to answer questions as to why you want the cat, and your intentions about giving it a forever home. Some may require vet or other references.
I have a website and if u email me or I email u I will give it 2 u and I can find a female kitten near your location. email and we can keep in touch that way and here is my email
You can go throught the shelter system. I don't know where you live, whether you live near a major urban center or not, but if you do, you can adopt a rescue. Persians and many, many other purebreds get dumped or wander away, and get picked up by animal control or by rescuers. You pay the same adoption fee for a pedigreed animal as for a tabby. You will NOT get papers, and the animal will be spayed or neutered. But you will get your Persian, healthy, with its shots and in good shape. If they don't have one available, they will call you when one comes available.. You can also go on and see if you can locate a persian kitten there.
Finally, in the upscale summering locations, like Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, where well-to-do people take their children and summer, then return to their year-round homes after the summer is over, people buy pedigreed animals for their children. And when the summer is over, they abandon them. This seems like breathtaking irresponsibility, but every September, the animal shelters in the vicinity of these places swell to overflowing with young, expensive, healthy animals who are left behind, and the rescue pipelines are filled with beautiful creatures up for adoption. I don't know directly who you could contact. There is the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, Long Island that is a conduit for pedigreed animals as well as run-of-the-mill backyard sweethearts, and you may want to contact them. Or if you are in the U.S., and more toward the West Coast, Best Friends in Kanab, Utah is a rescue hub, and surely has seen its share of Persians.
You could luck out by answering a newspaper ad, or by placing one, but I would be suspicious of anybody who offers you a Persian with papers for under $100. Very, very suspicious.
Somewhere in here I've told you the right thing. Hope it helps. You know, though, there are beautiful longhairs without family history who are up for adoption. But I personally have seen many, no-kidding Persians up for adoption here in NYC.
Good luck.
I would check all the local animal shelters and animal controls. If you don't find a kitten there look in the newspapper, put up flyers. Usually at the Pet Shop there are flyers saying Cat forr sale or free kittens. I hope you find ur kitten
Good Luck

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