Monday, May 24, 2010

Which flavor of liquid benadryl do cats actually like?

I bought cherry (on suggestion from the vet) flavored benadryl and they hate it. No way to get it in their mouth, foaming mouth, etc.
BTW: We want to sedate them for a LONG (12 hour+) car ride. Any alternative suggestions?
I give both my cats Benadryl based on what the vet told me. The only differnece is I use one adult pill for each cat. its much easier to stick in there moulth and hold it in there till they swallow. Give it a try
It is dangerous to give your cat benadryl! You need to go to the vet and get sedatives made for cats. Giving them human medicine can cause organ failure. If you set up a crate in the back of the car so they can be comfortable most cats will settle down and be ok on a long trip.
Cats usually do not like any flavored medication--they will drool etc. I am not sure how big your cats are but ask the vet if you can cut up benadryl tablets and dose them that way.
Another alternative is dramamine, which is sold over the counter. This is usually used for motion sickness but also causes drowsiness like the benadryl.
Good luck.
The vet might be able to prescribe some acepromazine for their car ride. You would have to speak to him regarding how much to give. We usually prescribe it for cats and dogs who have trouble at the groomers or have a lot of stress when coming to the vets. It's usually given 1 to 2 hours before the grooming or appointment. It only takes the edge off, it doesn't knock them out completely...just calms them.
As for the benadryl, the best way to give it is with an eyedropper or a syringe from the vet. You would put the syringe in the side of their mouth where the jaw meets and squeeze it into the back of their throats. Then hold their mouth closed and gently blow into their faces. It makes them swallow and that might help alleviate the foaming. Cherry is probably the best flavor as we flavor our liquid medication that we need to make up with a cherry flavoring.
If worse comes to worse, you may need to get something from the vet in a pill form. I have a lot better luck giving a pill then a liquid.
cod-liver oil with HALF a dose of diluted regular benedryl. If they get a whiff of the cherry or other sweet smelling syrup, the cat will clam up like a clam.(clam juice might be okay also!)! Check with the vet about diluting the regular benedryl
Plan to take the cat to the vet for a check-up after the trip!

Have a safe trip and Good luck!
I find the query strange indeed. Ask the vet to supply what is safe and effective for the cats so their ride is pleasant and your trip is worthwhile.

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