Friday, May 21, 2010

Whenshould a female cat be neurted?

our cat just had her first litter
Shortly after she stops nursing her milk will start to dry up. Once it dries up you can take her to the vet, get her checked out %26 make an appointment to have her spayed.
Female cats don't get neutered, they get spayed, and it can be done around 6 months of age.
she should probably be spayed in a couple of weeks. i would call up ur vet, ask his opinion and make an appointment. ur vet would know best.
For a female cat, the term is spaying, and that can be done almost anytime after she is done nursing, and her milk dries up. Most kittens are weaned at eight weeks, so think probably in the 10-12 week period. She can go back into heat much faster than you might think, so this is not something to put off.
If the kittens are still around after you bring her back from spaying, they might hiss at her, since she will have that dreaded vet/hospital smell on her. That usually fades in a day or two.
A female cat can never be neutered. But you can spay a female cat. Neutering if for males. Spay your cat 8 -10 weeks after she has had her kittens.
after she is 6 months old.
By the way, neutered is scientifically correct for female cats, as is spayed. Castrated is for males only. Neuter is from making s.o. neutral, de-sexing.
The best time is before she has any kittens! Why did you wait? Cats should be spayed at between 4 and 6 months of age, as early as your vet will do it. Did you ever take her to get her shots? The vet should have suggested a time then. If you take these kittens for their first shots and worming, the vet will recommend when he or she feels the best time is.
Since you dropped the ball on this, now you must wait until she is done nursing. Once the kittens are self sufficient, and mama cat's milk has dried up, get it done immediately, unless you want another litter on your hands.
You should keep the kittens with her until they are at least 8-10 weeks old. If you have them at 4-6 months, get them done then, too. If you find homes for them, make sure it is with people who will get their shots and spaying done. You let these kittens come into the world, it is your responsibility to see to it that this litter goes to responsible homes, and doesn't start reproducing unchecked. Good luck!
give her a couple months to recover (and try to keep her away from those darn frisky tomcats)
A kitten can be neutered after about 6 months of age.
Neutering is the correct veterinary term for desexing any cat. Many people will differentiate neutering (male animal) from spaying (female animal).
Of course your vet is the one to tell you when it is best to do it.
i dont no, ask a vet but i would say as soon as possible cause it does not take long for it to happen again
good luck :)
A pregnant kitty came to our house and gave birth to 5 little ones. We made a home for them, and when the kitties were about 6 weeks old and they started to eat on their own., we took her and had her spayed. She was still nursing the little ones, but was trying to wean them. When we brought her home the kitties still nursed from her, till she had enough (she left them know) I asked my vet about the kitties nursing, and he said she would let them know, and she did. We found homes for the babies when they were 8-9 weeks old. Your vet can advise you. Good luck!

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