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What's the best way to give medicane to a cat?

I took my cat to the vet and she had a blather infection. They gave me liquid meds (pain killers) in a kind of eye drop to give here every night. That part I'm not worried about. Along with the pain killers they gave me antibiotics. They're small pills that I have to split in half and give her orally. She wont touch wet food so that method isn't an option. Does anyone have any ideas?
try to use a "bulls eye" pill gun. Basically it looks like a syringe minus the needle with a piece of slitted rubber on the tip to hold the pill in place. You stick the pill on the end. Then you get kitty petting her to keep her calm. Press her gently but with pressure on the side of her jaw so she opens her mouth and put the syringe quickly down towards her throat (not to far but back there by her tonsils) and shoot the plunger. Try to do it as fast as you can. Then close her mouth and tilt her head up rubbing her throat for a few minutes . This way she doesn't spit it back up. Don't make this into a panic problem for your kitty though. Make it as stress free as you can. If she jumps down and runs, wait a bit, give her some treats in a while and pet her then try again. I use this method allot and it works great! Its only a few dollars at your local pet store. If the pill is too tiny to fit in the pill gun try crushing it into baby food. Or call your vet and ask if the antibiotic or even one close to it comes in a larger sized pill for the gun or a liquid substitute. He probably gets these calls 10 times a day so don't feel funny .
Good luck with Kitty! Hopefully she feels better soon.
at every pet store ive been to, ive seen these little treats with holes in the middle to put pills. provided that your cat likes the taste of the treats, this seems like it could be really effective and simple solution! goodluck!
well the liquid will be easy, but i had to give my cat pills too, and we hit them in a treat. but after a while, my cat figured it out and ate the treat, then spit out the could always put it in their mouth and massage their throat, that works too. yep good luck!
This is always fun..I had to give my cat liquid and pills last month..I tried putting it in wet food..yeah, she ate around it..even when it was crushed. I tried putting it in a treat..yeah right, she knew. This is what worked for me-I knelt down and put her in between my legs and put the pill in her mouth..I held her mouth closed gently and rubbed her neck..she would swallow it..she would spit it out if I didn't hold her mouth shut..I had lovely scratches on my legs from her trying to back those back legs! Good Luck!
If you cannot drop it into the cats mouth while holding it, put it into some milk or something else the cat will drink. This worked for my in laws when their cat had an infection from a bad cut.
hold dah mouth and syringe it in after mixing with some water
Cats love tuna, I give liquid meds in tuna. The only other way is to hold the cat like a baby and you squeeze the dropper of meds in the back of it's mouth, of course it's easier said than done but that's how I do it. Maybe have someone hold the cat while you put the dropper in it's mouth, but make sure to put it in the back so they don't let it run out of their mouth.
My cat likes peanut butter. Putting pills in a sample of peanut butter works quite nicely for me.
Hold by the scruff and the mouth will stay slightly ajar to get the syringe in. Squeeze it in slow to make sure they get it all. They can splatter it everywhere.
the best way is to hide it in food,since she won't eat wet food - try a cat treat,or something she is use to and will eat. you have to be careful,because cats being intelligent,are quick to know if something is in their food,so it has to be well hidden,and watch and make sure she has consumed it. if that won't work,you can slip it in her mouth in the back corner behind her teeth,and shut her mouth - she should swallow it - i don't like that method,but it will work as a last resort. this one is also good - but ask the vet first,depending on the medication, crush the pill and dilute it with water - put it in a medicine syringe (the vet has them) and give it to her that way - put the tip in the back corner of her mouth and squirt it gently,you can flavor it with a bit of crushed food too. i know it is a pain to give a cat meds,especially if they don't like canned food. if it seems too much,ask the vet if there is a wet form of the medication-that would make the syringe/dropper easier to do and they taste good.
good luck,call your vet with questions =)
when its sleeping give it to her
I've also tried the meds in a treat, but cats are smart and have a high sense of smell. The only way that was successful for me was to place a finger on each side of her jaw with a bit of pressure to keep the mouth open and push the meds deep in her throat then massaging her neck in a downward motion. She always hated me after but only for a few minutes. If you want your cat to get healthy you sometimes have to be a bit forceful. It won't hurt.
I have two ideas.
First, you can dissolve the tablet in a wee, tiny bit of water from tuna packed in water, then put that in an eyedropper and squirt it in the same as you do for the liquid meds. Just be sure that the entire dose is dissolved and taken up into the eyedropper.
Pilling a cat is a skill or a knack, and it is acquired. I was never very g ood at it, but I know the technique. You have to hold the cat, then pry the mouth open by inserting your thumb like a lever at the back of the mouth and leveraging the mouth open. You have to be really quick then. Toss the pill in toward the back of the tongue, close the mouth and hold it closed, lift the head and stroke the throat until the cat swallows and then swallows again. The cat will struggle, so you may have to wrap her in a towel with only her head out to do this.
This one is soooo easy. Open her mouth, put the pill way in the back of her throat,close mouth and rub throat. If she squirms alot, wrap her up in a towel but you shouldn't really need to do that.
if you can crush the pill get a pill crusher and then put it in some food or tuna. We gave it to our cats in yougurt. Mine love yougurt.
I would just mix it threw it's food..what else?
Mix it in milk.

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