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Whats the best cat flea stuff to give the cat?

i got a 2year old cat i tried everything on him to get rid off flies can anybody help me he is a persian kitty
It might not be just the cat, you might also need to do the house as if you are treating the cat and its getting them back then chances are its getting them from the house.
Get frontline on prescription for the cat and call your local council to come out and spray the house. this is a really good way of doing it just remember to treat them both at the same time so they don't reinfect. the council will spray your entire house for about 拢30 and that includes a free respray if you get reinfected within 3 months (i would recommend calling them out and saying you have even if you haven't for the extra protection!). this has worked perfectly for us!
Front Line or Advantage both from a vet the drops go in between the shoulder blades works for one month.
Here check out this site it was given to me by my vet so it is safe..
The treatment goes by weight well at least it does for dog.
Good luck,
'Frontline' - get it from the vet and use it regularly as instructed to prevent re-infestation. Also thoroughly clean and vacuum the places around your home where your cat goes, particularly where he sleeps, and treat them with an insecticide spray, to kill any fleas which are lurking there. Do this regularly too - the eggs can lie dormant for years! Don't despair - you will eventually get rid of them. Good luck!
Frontline Combo from the vet only. Kills fleas, egg and ticks. Also if any new flea hops on your cat, it makes them infertile so they cant lay eggs on your cat that will hatch out!! It's not too expensive , but even if it was it's worth it cos it works. Do it every month and flea comb problem . Ive got 2 cats and a dog and they are all fine. P.S. Don't be tempted to buy cheaper stuff from supermarkets as they DONT WORK
I don't know about cats but I use frontline for my dog which I get from the vet. It's expensive but it works
the vet told me to uses revolution she said it really works
Frontline plus, gets rid of fleas and ticks. It also gets rid of flees at all stages unlike advantage and other medications. Also you need to treat your house (Vacum and medication). Any carpet, beds, or places they like to sleep. Fleas eggs can get between the couch coutions. They only need one bite of blood and they can live for a really long time.
definately frontline.
dont go near the bob martin stuff !
I also have a Persian kitty and she goes everywhere with me. I give her advantage...not to be confused with advantics because that is for dogs and can kill a cat. You have to get it from the vet and it is not very expensive. Please do not use the cheap versions made from hertz because my cat had a very allergic reaction to this and I later found out from pet-co that a lot of cats had died from this med. Also getting your cat shaved in a lion's cut will help. E-mail me if you have any further questions.
Frontline from the vet!
Advantage spot on treatment is the best for flea's a bit pricey and obtained from the vet. Once you have the condition under control by using for two months, you can then go onto a more affordable one. I use Wilkinson's Stores own make, you get two tubes on a card, thats 2 months treatment, for 拢2.89.
I have a mult-cat household and I am allergic to flea bites and I find these work for my cats.
I'm sure these will help.
Frontline Spot On. Works great for us, and really easy to apply.
You can get it online without prescription.
i use frontline
rfrontline spot on is the best which can be purchased from either your vet or most pet shops you can either get 4 weekly or 12 weekly applications which come in a small vial . you part the hair on the back of the neck or top of shoulders and apply directly onto the skin then wait 24hrs until it has been absorbed before you let your cat back out. it will kill the fleas on him but also stop any new ones hatching.smoke bombs for fleas are the best thing to use if you have them in the house but you and your cat have to go out for three hrs after you have set them off but at least they kill the fleas and dont leave any smell

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