Friday, July 31, 2009

What will help my cat poop?

what can i give my cat to help him poop. that i might have around the house.
Tuna juice, especially from tuna packed in oil, often helps.
So does Karo syrup, if you have that. Mix a half teaspoonful in his wet food.
My cat, who has chronic constipation from megacolon, has to take Lactulose, a prescription syrup stool softener. Vets often stock it, and will sell you a few ounces for very little money.
Don't use any kind of stimulant laxative. If the kitty doesn't poop in a day or so, take him to the vet.
Nothing...anything in the house could be toxic to the cat and it will die. Take your kitty to the VET...ASAP!
vegetable oil or olive oil. Mix about a tablespoon in some canned food, hopefully that should do the trick.
feed iams special digestion help so you know... go to the vet they will prescribe medicine or something better...
well my cat was once constepated and we went to the vetenarian and she gave us something to give to her. after that she satrted going poop LOL. if u dont want to go to the vet u can just buy special food at the pet store or just try giving it different food brands. Maybe also u can keep giving it more food so it will get filled up and poop but thats not the best way in my opinion :) Gl :)
Water! My kitten was constapated because he didn't have enough water in his formula. It will get better if you give him wet food and lots of water!
tuna in oil...but not the whole can your you'll have another problem .a little bit at a time or he'll be pooping all over your house...but that will get him going...if its a persistent problem I would contact the a preventive I would start giving him fur-ball paste as directed on the tube...poor kitty...good luck
Please don't feed your cat human tuna...
Tuna can be fatal to cats and is not something to be fed to them...The human variety of tuna fish contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B1 (thiamine).

If your cat isn't pooping, it's a serious problem. Please take him to the vet.
You don't give any information about what is going on but I will say that a lot of times people call my office and ask about their 'constipated' cat because it is straining in the litterbox and often it turns out to be a urinary problem. Many people whose cats have blocked urethra and can not urinate will call with the constipation complaint. But the not urinating is a life-threatening problem that will kill your cat in 24-72 hours.
So if this problem has just started and if you have not confirmed your cat is urinating--get it to the veterinarian immediately. Blockage is more common in males than females.
If it is still urinating, you need to have your cat examined to see what is the problem and what you need to do about it. There are many problems and what works for one is not appropriate for another.
True constipation should be examined the same day or the next day at the latest.
First of all take your cat to the vet. If any thing call the vet ask questions. They should be able to help you with the cat pooping problem..Best of luck..
There's something called cat lax, you should ask your vet, I would give mine 2 inches in a syringe, every day for three days, it usually did the trick. There are different amounts you can give at different frequency's, ask your vet, a few times we gave it to her 2 inches 3x a day for 3 days. If he gets a diarrhea back off. Another thing you can do is ask your vet for a stool softener in the form of a pill. I could not get my 14 year old to take a pill. She ate high fiber food too, hill's prescription w/d, that helped a whole lot, again talk to your vet first. Also I've been told by a vet to use canned pumpkin, not the sweetened stuff. It has a lot of fiber. I was told a lot of cats like this but mine wouldn't touch it. Your cat can only go so many days without going before it has a serious problem, then you need to take it in for an enema. I kept my cats box scooped so I could keep track of her stools. At the end of her life she was only going every 4 days, that's bad. Most cats will go every day, sometimes twice a day, if they go less than every 48 hours they have a problem. EDIT cat lax is like this goop that comes in a tube, cats are supposed to like the taste, some people just dab it on the paws and they lick it off, but for your purposes you need more than that I think, I would wrap my cat in a towel and give it to her in a syringe. Sometimes for maintenance I would give her 1 inch every other day, at the direction of a vet.
dry fruit or vegetables

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