Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I do? My cat scratched me really deep on my arm a couple of days ago and it hurts like hell?

put somew medicine on it for infected scratches hope it feels better :D
if the scratch is too deep you should get it checked usually you just need time to let it heal he he good luck
Try triple antibiotic ointment. You can get it at any drugstore in first aid section.
I would wipe some disinfectant, like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the scratch, and then get to a doctor- a really deep gash might need stitches or some other care that you cannot provide for yourself. Additionally, if the wound is really hurting, you might have a serious problem going on. Get well soon!
They have these crazy things called anti-biotics now. Ever hear of them? Maybe you should quit wasting time on the internet with questions you already know the answer to.
Call your Doctor.
need see a doctor, you may can get cat scratch fever! Not a joke!
its probably nothing. it probably just hurts so bad because it is so deep. just make sure to keep it clean.
go to the doctor since I'm assuming you yourself would have medical insurance. Or if you can't do that Keep it clean and put some ointment on it like neosporian.
i would rather get bitten by a dog then scratched by a cat, always painfull and get infected
If the scratch is several days old, deep and still hurting, there's a good chance it's infected. Go to the doctor or urgent care and get it taken care of.
better call the doc--i ended up in the hospital for 3 days after i tried to treat a cat scratch on my own
Bites are more dangerous, but deep scratches can be painful, as you found out.
Is the surface healed over? Check to see if it bulges a bit which would show that infection is under it, which needs to drain. Put a hot washcloth on it and let the moisture help open it up.
Then lightly use soap and water on it, and end with dabbing on hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and keep it open to the air, not under a bandage.
If the area around it is puffed up and nasty red (not just a thin line) then you may want to have a doctor look at it just in case you need antibiotics (which would be mandatory for a bite, but usually not for a scratch).
Is it bleeding or seeping? Soak with warm water, or warm salt water for 15 minutes.
Have u applied a triple antibiotic? Since it's been 2 days, u may need to see a doc - u do not want it 2 get infected.

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  1. i get bad scratches from cats time to time because i run a cat rescue. just make sure it dont get infected signs of infection would be pus purple skin and a red line going up or down your arm even when deep scratches arent infected it can take quite some time to heal and may even cause you to get a fever if you have a immune disorder because of cat scratch disease ive personally never suffered from it