Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do?

My sister's friend gave us a couple of stray kittens today. My neighbor was bit by one %26 is on her way to the hospital right now %26 my little sister just got bit. Should I kill them?
The kittens are probably biting due to the fact that they are WILD. If they have never been handled, they go into a defensive stage when they are around people. All they need is for someone to spend some time with them, but before doing so, they need to get used to their new location and surroundings. You don't just go up to a stray cat and it automatically becomes your pet. It takes some time before they get used to their surroundings, and of you. Call your local humane society and tell them that you have stray kittens who need a home. They will be happy to help you out.
Should I kill them? No, you should definitley take them to a shelter because you shouldn't have kittens.
Kittens always bite, no matter what their temper. Killing a cat is completely against the law. They are just playful, or they are teething. Take them to the nearest shelter, where they will gladly accept them.
I would bring them to a local SPCA/Pet Shelter before you just kill them. Let the shelter take them, check them out, and then they can decide if they can be put up for adoption or not.
A kitten biting is not necessarly attacking. They naturally want to nibble because they may be teething. Killing them is definately not the answer. If you don't want them then bring them to a local shelter or rescue group. Kittens also often bite when they are being held to long or they feel trapped. It is not the kittens fault!
It is absolutely stupid to kill a kitten because it bit.
They are STRAY KITTENS. STRAY is a factor here and they are probably scared to death.
Animals should not be taken out simply because they bite or scratch. You must consider the situation. STRAY STRAY STRAY...they probably have some feral in them. Biting behavior can usually be stopped once they realize they are in a secure environment.
Since your reaction to undesireable behavior is extreme, the best things for these kitties would be to place them in another home. Contact an animal shelter.
Hmmm. A kitten was able to bite bad enough for an adult to go to the hospital. Not sure how that could happen. However, if the kittens had not had much human contact, they would be afraid of humans and would probably try to get away from them. If you are trying to control a half feral kittne, maybe you should try food to help calm them. and maybe little sister was trying to hold when they didn't want to be held? I don't think animals should bite humans, but maybe if you show them that you are not some huge monster pulling at them, they will adapt. No--don't kill them-give them a chance! I am not even a cat person, but wouldn't kill a cat because they were defending themselves!

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