Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a good time to find kittens homes?

Okay so I have 9 kittens, i had made a post 2 times about one of them that almost died, but despite so many people saying i should put the poor thing down.. he is doing WONDERFUL no problems.. hes a 100% healthy kitten.. how to my question they will be 6 weeks this coming sunday. I have a few people that want one when they are ready but when is a good time to give them away. I have heard and read very different time frames. They all are cat box trained, they have nee drinking water and eating kitten food, soft and hard for 1.5 weeks now. There are two smaller ones, the runts that I dont think will be ready, but 7 of them are big and healthy and dont even really eat on mommy all that much anymore.. would 6 weeks be okay to give them away, or should i wait until 8?
they do say 8 weeks best but the cat protection takes thenm at 7 weeks
i got my kitten at 5 weeks old because her owner was going 2 kill her and other kitty so i got in 1 shes now 10 months old and fine so i say they should be ok
(Are you near NJ? I'm cat shopping!)
I think once they are 6 weeks old you can start giving them away from that point on. I got a kitten just a month or so ago and she has instantly become a part of the family. : )
I would think somewhere between 6-10 weeks, I know some places who keep them until they're 10 weeks old, but cat is a ferral cat and we found her abandoned when she was about 2 weeks old and shes perfectly healthy. So I think if you think they're independent, developed enough to be in a new home than they will be fine :) good luck.
right after they are born summer/ spring
They should be fine to give away now.
I had seven kittens at one point, two litters. I gave them away when they were around 2 - 2.5 months old. I suggest you give them to a shelter that doesn't kill cats if they dob't get adopted or sell them to friends and family.
Good luck finding homes for the kittens!
at around 8 weeks. :)

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