Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do about cat with milky white fuid coming from eye?

My boyfriend's cat has milky white fluid coming from his eye. The eyeball is glassy, he keeps it closed alot, and he cleans his eye alot. We are not sure how this happened, but we think that my boyfriend accidentally bumped him in the eye with his leg, as Buddy is always underfoot. We can't take him to the vet as we are leaving to out of town tommorow morning, plus because he had a botched laser declaw recently, and went to the vet alot for that. So we feel terrible about putting him through all that. We have some leftover antibiotic from the surgery, and we put triple antibiotic on his eye. This has been going for a couple days. What should we do?
It probably has conjunctivitis.
Tell your stupid, cat declawing boyfriend to take his cat to the vet before it goes blind.
Poor kitten needs eye medication. Get some Terramycin from the vet, it's not that expensive.
I think declawing was a waste of money, cats are easy to train...but what's done is done.
Get him to a vet asap. Do not let this problem go on as it may lead to blindness in him. I understand he has a bad experience at the vet before,but you are doing this so he does not lose his sight. Maybe you should rethink owing any animals..
it sounds like conjunctivitis, you need to go to the vet and remember its contagious
It's probably an eye infection, so you're probably doing the right thing by giving him antibiotics. However, I don't know if the stuff you're using is supposed to be put directly into the cat's eyes. I definitely suggest going to the vet to have it examined. BTW, it's really, really improbable that your BF did this by accidentally kicking him as you describe. Blunt force trauma severe enough to damage the eye would also have caused a lot of other damage that would be readily apparent, plus the cat would have immediately shown signs of being in pain.
Your cat could have an eye infection which will take some antibiotic or topical ointment to clear up. If you are in good terms with the vet, just call and ask for some ointment.
It could also be just a cold in the cat's eye or an allergy.
Which matters more, going out of town, or your cats health? He may have had a bad experience at the vet, so use a new one, but he needs to get to the vet ASAP. He could go blind, or this could be a precursor to other problems, but only your vet will know. Did you use human grade triple antibiotic in his eye, if so you may have caused a lot more damage than you know. Please call up your vet or an emergency vet service immediately. I know you care more about your cat than your out of town trip. This is a living breathing being that is probably like a child to you. Please contact your VET ASAP>
stay home, don't go out of town, take your poor cat to the vet. Are you really just going to leave without taking care of your cat first? Really I'm not trying to be mean, I'm not, but if you're just going to leave him at home with this eye problem, maybe you should go ahead and take him to a shelter?
Well, it sounds like an eye infection... Until u can get to the vet u need to keep the cats eyes clean. Clean each eye with a warm damp cloth (dont use the same one on both eyes) until u get some Terramycin from the vet
You cannot just put antibiotic in his eyes without a medicalprescription. The antibiotic you put there must have been a cream for his toes, that has nothing to do with his eye and more, it's even harmful.
For eye infection, they are special antibiotic eye drops. But firs he must be checked by a vet.
If I wouldnt know, I would say he is crying for the cruel thing you have done by declawing him, laser or not. Declawing means cutting a part of his finger and only because owners dont fancy cat's claws. You should know that cat is an animal, either you love her as she is, either you leave her alone. You can't modify a cat to suit your interests, she is not a mashine. Imagin you in a psychopat's house (yes he loves you, feeds you etc), but cuts your ears, why would you need them, you live indoors, or pulls out your eyelid hairs,( there's dark in the house) or cuts off your toes, because you leave marks on the carpet.
Put Tobrex eye drops in his eye, 3 times a day, for a week. And take her to the vet.
I'm so sorry about your cat! I know how you feel with putting the poor thing through going to the vet. My kitty is terrified of anyone who isn't in my family, so it's hard for us to take him anywhere. Thing is, he's got a sore around his eye so we'll have to take him sometime soon. I hope your poor cat's eye gets better. Best of luck, and good for you for taking it to the vet. You really are a good pet owner for caring enough to do so. I know a lot of people who would just wait until the cat's eye was swollen shut.

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