Friday, July 31, 2009

What's a good name for a cat?

My mom and I are having a hard time deciding. Mind helping us?
If you could tell us what kind of cat it is, and its color and age and sex would be a real help. Since most names are giving to animals that have something to do with the way they look, act, and things they do, you would probably get alot of answers.
We had 2 new born cats male and female both neutered and spaid and we called them Sabrina and Sabastian, becasuse they both looked alike (Cuz they came from same litter) but both had a white diamond on there chest, and they had a goth, halloween type look so Sabrina and Sabastian fit perfect.
if it's a boy cat name it cigar that's my fav
thomas penelope ginger tiger ***** boots
What's he look like, act like?? We have some pets named after our favorite famous people.
It really depends on your style, but here are a few of my favorites:
Clover (this is good for a calico)
Socks (this is for both sexes, but it fits best if he has white paws that makes him look like he's wearing socks.).
Elvis (my cats name, especially good for "alpha males who think they're the king of the house and are big).
Tigger/Tiger (calling all striped/orange kitties)
miss kitte
tiger (to make it feel proud)
tigger (a cuter version of above)
idk really it depends what the cat looks like
Animals usually pick their own names. It may take a while, but eventually some quirk in your cat's behavior will inspire you to pick a name.
For example, I was dead set on calling my cat Spike. A month later, we knew he was a Minion.
Please add more details about the cat.
I'd recommend japanese / egyptian names because they're exotic.
Japan: Iori
Egypt: Nefertiti
My cat's name is Sebastian. And he's a gentleman
I named my kitten Tootie because when we first got him he farted waay too much when he was getting adjusted to the food.
I have 9 cats, their names are:
(Gender) (Name)
1.F Deuce
2.F Hermie
3.F Peachie
4F Dixie
5.F Frankie(after Frank Sinatras blue eyes
6.F Wilma
7.F Maggie(Mag Pie)
8.M Benny
9.M Louis
3 dogs
1.M Buster
2.m Hank
3.M Sam
Mitzi is a good name
This site has you choose the type of name and the gender. If you choose my answer tell me what name you chose. Hope this helps good luck!!
booger is always good..
i got 3 cats bubble Baillie and barney we use to have a barbie and Benson . actually all our pets begin with b
I once had a black and white cat named Domino, she had three brothers named Mimo,Snuggles and Mittens.
what kind of personality does the kitty have? Sometimes I go by personality.
MONKEY, BEAR, ANT are a few cute names.
Adam, Zoo, Teddy, Abe, Zack, are some more interesting ones.
Where you looking for male names? I only have a male cat. Hope it's helpful.
Honestly choose a name that touches your heart and it has meaning to you some how.
Nermal is my cat's name. He is the side kick of Garfield.
Just look at the cat's personality, coloring, temperament, etc. Names should reflect what you see in your cat. Try something original though. You might be surprised with what you come up with. Good luck.
I personally think it's impossible to name a cat (or indeed) any type of pet until you see them
Call the kitty "Bossy" because I have never met one who did not think the world revolved around them... lol
We picked a City name that reflected the attitude of our kitty. One we found at a gas station, and she likes the outdoors, so she's got a country name: Tallulah (LA).
If your kitty is a sassy trouble maker, how bout VEGAS. Or if you have a prissy effeminite boy on your hands, how about...Cisco (as in ..san fran ;)
Try Mookie or Boobah these are easy to say and easy to remember. I love these names
Male or female, if it's a boy " Abu" or if it's a girl "Sheba"
human names are OK so are mythological names from different cultures stay away from fluffy tho

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