Thursday, July 30, 2009

What type of Cat is this?
It might be a mix, but if so, what kind of mix do you think she might be?
I don't think it's a pure bred but it does look similar to the Turkish Angora. You might want to check out this site for more information.
Here are some other links you can check out too.
That looks like a mix of my two cats. One is black and short haired, one is orange and long haired. Anyway, the only cat I can think of right off hand that has long hair is a Himalayan but that doesn't look like a Himalayan. It could be part Main Coon... they have long hair like that.
hmm iono but it sure is shiny :D
That a Black cat. Maybe a Lazy Black cat. Ha! Sorry, that the best I can do.

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