Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I use to make my cat more active.?

Surprise him/her periodically, make him jump or get skidderish, after a while it'll kick in and he'll internalize the jumpy behavior, start looking over his/her shoulder . . . funny!
Play with it! Get some toys that you know your cat will like and have play sessions everyday.
You could also think about changing your cat鈥檚 diet. Raw food is excellent for cats and they have crazy amounts of energy.
Catnip and interactive toys always work for me
Cats usually sleep about 2/3rd's of the day, and are naturally lazy- but they do have a bit of hunter in them. I would simply use a string or play mouse to get him/her moving. My cat LOVES when I turn on the flash-light. She chases it up the walls, in circles, pretty much everywhere. Hope this helps!
Laser toys and catnip. Feather wands and fur mice. Round plastic spheres with ping pong balls that go around and around when the cats hit the balls.
Interactive play things are useful. A cat tree will bring out the climbing instinct in your cat. Strings and furry toy mice will trigger the chase instinct, as do wads of paper. Some cats go batty over the laser pointers, and others simply yawn. If your cat is older, say over 10, the challenge becomes more difficult.
Sometimes a cat companion will result in an increased activity level, although introductions can sometimes be 'interesting'.
a laser pointer.
Toys, toys and more toys. Cats are just like dogs in that they need exercise and daily play to keep them fit. Here are some toys I would recommend to get your cat moving:
Cat Dancer
Da Bird
Remote Control Mouse
Weasle Ball
Bamboo fishing rod
Petstages Cuddle Coil
Some cats love to chase mice and mylar balls. They will even play "fetch".
Catnip toys are great. My cats also like to play with feather toys on a stick. Make a regular time to play with them too.
get some catnip, but dont give it him before your
Well to keep are out side cats happy we planted cat nip in our garden. They love it even the neighbors cats... Best of Luck..
Try playing with him.

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