Thursday, July 30, 2009

What things do you say to your cat?

Do you talk to him in baby-talk?
When mine is scratching at himself, I like to tell him, "Don't scratch my baby. He's a good cat! You don't wanna scrach him!"
I also like to tell him, "I likes cats, cats is good good folks!"
I don't talk like this to anyone else. It's pretty weird.
I always talk to my cats, and it does sometimes get a bit weird! My Maine Coone's name is Idapuss, since she has typical female moods, I often call her Idab**ch, especially when she screams for food, and the plates are full! She normally is just my weety pie though. Every now and then she, or one of the others, will be called my angel of sweetness and delight, or the best cat in the whole wide world. One of my older ones seems to think he is a dog, so I am always saying... Catastrophe, you are a cat my boy, start acting like one, and stop attacking the dogs! I often speak to them in baby talk as well, and they do seem to respond a lot better, because of the tone of my voice. All animals respond to a higher pitched tone, so whenever I really want them to listen, I use it. Since I am already 54 years old, people do seem to think I am rather strange, still talking to my animals the way I do, but what the heck, I enjoy it, and so do the animals. Two of my cats even answer me back, although I never know what they are saying, and half the time am probably lucky that I don't!
my cat name is Misty
Well, I don't baby talk. I do tell my cat that she's my ''baby love'' (and sometimes I call her a fat butt or a goober if she's thinkin' about gettin' into trouble).
I usually talk to her like normal.
Yes I tell my cat, she's a good cat. Not sure on the baby talk, but I do talk to her as though she was a human being of about 3 years old if that's what you mean.
its okay to talk to your cat in baby talk..i talk to my bird all the time. enjoy!
they probably enjoy it as people tend to get into tune with their cats
Well, seeing as you went first, my conversation ususally starts along the lines of
"Hallo little man, my favourite little chocolate pudding, my little bag-puss, have you had a stimulating day?"
We then go on to have great conversation (although rather one sided)
But sshhh - don't tell anyone!
My cats are my children so I'll talk to them about everything, baby talk to philosophy (though they aren't very responsive when it comes to issues like reality and free will!).
I always say "I love you" or "my baby" and then I pinch their tail or tease them with a fake mouse or ball.
If they meow for food and I get up from sleeping and there's food, I call them "liars" and shove the name in their face...they usually let me sleep after that!
They're all my darlings...all four, and yes I talk to them in ways I wouldn't in "real" life. They don't judge...if I start baby talking with my drinking buddings, that's just weird...or maybe not...I could just pretend I'm drunk...
I love cats!
i love cat, specially my cute little cat. I always say,
"Come here dear Venessa, I want give you a hug!"
and she always come to me.
i talk to all three of mine and in different tones, it depends on what they have done or if they are being cute. how can you not talk to them? i have one that will "chatter" back at me when i talk to her.
My kitty is smart. My family talks normal and she understands, but yeah we do sometimes baby her. I love my kitty.
"you're a kitty, aren't you?"
"that's mommy's kitty"
"kitty kitty kitty meow meow kitty kitty meow meow kitty kitty meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow kitty kitty kitty meow meow kitty kitty meow meow kitty kitty meow meow meow meow meooooowww" (to the tune of the can can)
i am ridiculous.
I talk to my cat like she is a young child. After all she is my pseudo daughter.
My cat's name is Ginger.
When she's sweet I call her baby kitty, sugar plum, and/or my little ginger snap.
When we play and she starts to bite or scratch too hard, I call her a little vampire or little werewolf, respectively.
My fianc茅 sometimes calls her a butterball turkey, because her fluffy fur makes her look so round (she's not overweight).
When she cleans herself, and gets down in between her toes and grooms the fur in between her pads, I like to say, "You're eating your feet!...Don't eat your feet!"
She and I are home alone a lot during the day while my fianc茅 is at work. If I have to run an errand, I always tell her where I'm going, and ask her to guard the house. I think she thinks I'm pretty weird.
I have a huge male cat, who thinks he is a human. He is very affectionate, but he thinks he is king of the house or something? I get a kick out of calling him well... I always say:
"I love your fluffy butt."
Haha I talk to my cats but I dont talk in baby talk...I talk to them like I would talk to anyone else...and they seem to know what Im talking about and they respond by meowing and such.and sometimes they ignore me and give me a funny face...
But its funny too because I also have nicknames for my cats.
Gypsie is very stuck up...and only wants my attention when she wants something...and when I pick her up she sits there and seriously complains the whoolllle freaking when I want to pick on her or when she gets aggrivated I will say," Come here little B*tch...or Shut up you little B*tch!" But I dont do it to be mean..I just like to pick on her ^ ^
and Charlie is my big Maine Coon and weighs 20lbs...and he is LAZYYYY...sometimes he wont even get up to get his food until he finally feels like I call him ," Lazy Bas*turd.." but again I only do this to pick on him and not be mean..
and then Miss Kitty is the miss priss..She thinks that the world revolves around her so I call he Queen almighty lol...
But again Im not mean to my cats..I spoil them and love on them even when they dun want me to...heheheheh!
typically "meow, meow and a few more meows thrown in there to you too"
He always nags for food!! typical
Actually, baby-talk is reassuring to your cat. I know-let me explain! When people 'talk' to a baby, their tone of voice changes. It doesn't matter what you say, it's the tone you use. They equate it with 'special' time and YOU. It's not necessary all of the time, but it's a great way to calm and bond with your kitty.
talk to him/her like normal thats what i usually do ( even though i don't have a cat ) i do it when other cats come past..
that is adorable, it just means that you love your pet...i talk to my two babies aka cats all the time.i say "come to mommy and my husband refers to him as his babies because we don't have kids
I talk to my dog and cats just like they were other people in the room. I use conversational tones and words and acknowledge each of them when either I go into a room where they are, or they come into a room where I am.
I talk to my cats (I have 4) like they are four legged furry people. They even talk back sometimes, in meows %26 purrs - I'm not completely mad :-).
I don't so much baby talk them, thats not me, but I talk to them all day long.
My mom always talks to our kitten in baby talk. It's really funny sometimes. We all think it means she's ready for grandchildren!
I usually tell her how beautiful she is when I pat her.

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