Friday, July 31, 2009

What type of kitten do I have?

I have a black kitten w/green eyes and he is short haired.What type of cat is he?
A basic cat - non-pedigreed domestic shorthair.
A black domestic shorthair...need more info for anything further.
he is just your everyday black cat lol
DSH without any lineage that is all that the kitty could be. I hope that you still love your kitty. Black with green eyes sounds beautiful
You have the 'best kitty' in the world...and 'tonya %26 lady' are right..have fun.
From your description, he could be any short hair breed cat or most likely a domestic or DSH (mixed breed), which is most likely the healthiest breed.
He is gorgeous having green eyes and a black coat.
He's a domestic short-hair.
Sorry, without a pic that's the closest you'll get.
I would agree with these answers, a domestic shorthair. I also have a black domestic shorthair with green eyes! she is beautiful! probably just like yours :) congrats!
Domestic short hair

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