Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do about a mean cat?

Okay so here's the thing..
My cat had kittens about 7 months ago and one of the kittens went to my little sister. When the kitten (boy with another boy) started spraying on their floor, they didn't want to pay to have him fixed, they gave him back to us.
But now, he is so mean to the two female kittens I kept (his sisters). They try to go up and smell him and he literally attacks them. I've pulled him off several times and have gotten scratched doing so.
My sister told me he was mean to the cat they have too. Is there any hope that they will ever get along again? Or is it best to place him in a new home with no cats?
Please help me. I only want the best for him, I love him so much.
When taken away from their mothers and siblings..cats will forget them..
Just give the kitten awhile to get use to them and their scent again..eventually they will get along again..
My rescue kitty Miss Kitty had a litter of kittens...we gave two to two of our neighbours and one to my sister and kept the other two...Well both neighbours cats are mean to anyone they dont know and at first were mean to the cats they already had but they got along fine after awhile...
The cat we gave to my sister wasnt like that though...she was just weary of the other cat and wouldnt go near it and was afraid of it...but again they got along fine afterwards and now are best buddies..
The reason why the kitten is mean to the others is because it went from home to home home again...and it is in a new territory with the smells of your others cats and doesnt feel safe and is aggrivated..
But just give them time and encourage them to play, eat , and sleep together and they will be best buds by the end of the month...
If not then I would suggest giving it to someone who is experianced with cats or who doesnt have any cats and would like one (since it doesnt get along with other cats)
Good luck though!
Wow I bet it's hard. I would try geting a sprayer and fill it with water and spray him when he does something mean. I can only picture the way you go around worrying about it. Maybe someone can offer better advice but, the best of the luck!
Has he been fixed yet? That can help him calm down, as well as help with the spraying.
Getting him fixed would be the FIRST thing I would do. See if that helps. Now is a great time to do it before he gets too old with learned behaviour. Neutering can have profound effects on male's behaviour... Of ALL animals, eh?

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