Friday, July 31, 2009

What type of food is the best cat food at petsmart or any pet store?

i want to know wat is the best food.that makes cats happy or just better in healthy ways.i feed them whiskas.
Whiskas is one of the worst foods out there.
Read the ingredients. If it has corn, wheat, soy, or by-products, throw it away, don't buy it, and don't feed it to your cat.
Foods that are great for cats are:
California Natural
Chicken Soup for the cat lovers soul
Innova Evo
Natural Balance
Natures Variety
Solid Gold
Yummy Food (What my kitties prefer):
Fancy Feast Wet Food
Kit 'N Kaboodle Dry/Friskies Chefs Blend dry
Healthy Food (What I wish my kitties would eat):
Science Diet Wet/Dry, or Purina 1 Cat Chows.
Sience Diet is good. They sell it everywhere.
pet guard is among the best. whatever you get, avoid these ingredients:
you also want to make sure that there is as little grain in it as possible.
you may have to go to a health food store or gourmet shop to get this kind of food.
even better is a raw diet. little bits of raw meat of any kind. i give them the same quality as i would eat myself. i alternate with commercial food only because i can't get to the store but once a week for fresh meat, so i have to fill in with good quality commercial food the rest of the week.
whiskas is not good because it's tuna, which is so flavourful that it makes them spoiled for anything else.
I highly recommend Science Diet as well.
There are a lot of foods available that have good nutrition for our cats. Most "name" brands are fine. Sometimes it just depends on how much money you want to spend or if you have specific requirements for your cat.
I breed and show cats and feed IAMS because it gives my cats better coats and their litter box is less stinky. They're very healthy and seem to be very happy. There are a lot of different formulations for different needs. My cats like the lamb and rice, but I have one that needs the "less active". For kittens, I've found that the dry foods promote better muscular development and can be left out all day so the cats can snack at will. Dry food is also better for their teeth. I give canned food as a treat on holidays.
First, dry food is the number 1 cause of diabetes in cats as well as contributing to a host of other illnesses like kidney disease, crystals, obesity ect. Any canned foods w/o gravy are better then any dry foods.
If you are looking for quality. whiskas ccanned is on the lower level of canned along with 9/lives and friskies. You want a food that lists muscle meat as the firsy ingrediant like chicken. fancy feast is a middle grade food and stuff like wellness and merrick are top of the line and human grade foods in tghat they don't use the waste products of the animal and don't have too many fillers if any at all. You can learn about cat nutrition here.

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