Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What should I do about my cat?

Last time I posted a question about my cat i said she was 4 months old. That was a mistake. She'll be 4 months old on the 17th. Anyways, when I try petting her or just playing with her, she bites me. She doesn't scratch at all for some reason. But all she does is bite. So what can I do to get her to stop biting? Please help me!
She is still a kitten - and they do bite in way of playing. Invest in a small water pistol and everytime she bites you - squirt her. Will not cause her any harm but will get the message across, otherwise she may get into a nasty habit of this. Boo to the person who does not like cats !
take her to the pound.. and out of your life for good... cats are useless, lazy wastes of space
She is probably teething. it feels better when they bite, she is just a baby give her time. Also go to the pet store and see if there is anything safe for her to chew on. Have fun with her.
If she isn't biting hard I wouldn't worry about it she is probably just playing. But if it gets worse just spritz some water in her face.
My cat did the same thing; he'll grow out of it. On terms of what to do? I don't know? I just pushed him off of me when he started being mean and I think he realized that he has to be nice if he wants to be pet. He should stop in a few months. Oh, and make sure he has enough toys to play with instead of knawing on your hand.
shes just playing if you want her to stop then just act like your gonna cry and then she'll start rubbing against you well at least thats what my cat does
She's prolly teething. Just give her some time and she'll get over it. Just kinda like smack her when she does it then she'll learn.
btw I saw your question bout connersville before. And I'm from there too. Then I saw ur name so you must've been on the lions team. Same team that I was on in 7th grade. so yea

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