Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to do?

my cat called me mumma last night , it creeped me out. I dont really like her anymore, what should I do?
I won't say it. Here are some hints. It involves a potato sack and a river.
buy a dog %26 them both to fight %26 whoever
wins the battle is ur pet.
give her to one of micheal vicks dogs and see what she has to say about that
You've got to be kidding, A cats vocal range is capable of making all sorts of sounds. What you heard was probably something between a meow and a yawn. Or just some air passing through the vocal cords like a burp. That poor cat has no idea what happened to cause you to treat it differently. Especially when it did nothing wrong and what it did do was a natural thing. I just don't get it. If you're that creeped out- find the cat a good home. And make sure they aren't the type to spook easily.
Give her to me. I've been trying to get Sophie to say Mama but so far no luck.
One word of advice... psychiatrist.
how cute I wish my cats did that
Two of my cats (14 and 7 yo) have always said "ma maa" or a variation of this exaggerated "meow"! I think it is so cute!
Don't be upset. I truly believe cats are very intelligent, but they don't know what they are saying. I read years ago this mama meow is just one of their many vocal sounds, just as they have different 'meows' for different moods, including the silent meow.
Hope this helps you feel better. If not, I hope you can find her a good home.
you should not throw her into the
what u should do is give her to a friend or family member and possibly the Animal shelter...but you could also keep her and get a recording tape and record it so you can make sure that she said could also been her trying to meow and yawn my cat has done it but it was only bout every 2-3 wks. lol...
unsilly one was looking for some kittens. call her up!
why would such a thing creep u thankful maybe ur cat is special in that regard.. one of my cats says milk so i give her milk an she shuts up an is satisfied. i like cats that communicate with me. dont shun her give her attention. she must like u

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