Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should i name my cat?

its a male...yellowish eyes and striped greyish black color...i think the official color is blue tabby or somethin
That sounds like the description of a badger....How about BROC.
Cats usually tend to respond best with names that end in the "ie" sound. (My cat growing up was Tabby...original, I know..). My girl now is named Annie, and she picked up on it right away.
I prefer pretty generic names for cats, usually human names (hence, Annie). I searched on baby name sites for awhile until I came up with a few good ones. I waited until she actually had developed her usual personality with me before I decided what my final decision was going to be.
If you prefer to stick with typical pet names, I recommend sites like this:
They have tons of choices, and the meanings behind them. Good luck, and no matter what you choose, you'll be happy with it, don't worry.
Stripes, I know that is a good name because my Aunt had a cat that pretty much sounds like yours, if he could talk, I know he would say that is a cool name
Peanut. His eyes are like peanuts (you said they were yellow). Plus it sounds cute, and is easy to say.
I new a cat that looked kinda like that and its name was stripes. idc 4 that name. maybe like something that it likes to do. name it after something it loves!
I think you should name it sam thats my friends cats name and its sooooooo cute!
~Hannah Montna~
What better name than KAT!
you should name your cat:
1. Pluto
2. Dancer
3. Jack
4. Tommy
i say wach him a few days to see his persoality but i like the name captin or spiker or smokie(since he is grey)or rusty (because of the eyes) that is one of the funnest thing you get to do when you get a new unnamed pet try different ones to see how he responds and how you like them
I have two cats. One is named Sammy and the other is Playdoh. (sounds like Plato)
My next cat will be named Socks and Tees (sounds like Socrates).
Perhaps one of those names you might like?
It is almost football season, how about calling him Referee.
The perfect name i think it's Dove XD

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