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What to do about flea bites?

I've already asked a question about my cats and their flea problem - but this is coming from a different angle.
My mum is suffering quite badly from flea bites - what can be done about easing the irratation or stopping them from attacking her (or anyone else for that matter)??
mint or eucalyptus oil. Make up a water spray with some alcohol (vodka for instance this stops the oil and water mix going rancid) and add some mint oil/eucalyptus oil and spray cats bed or around carpet to keep fleas away. If you prefer, dried lavender, rosemary and sage placed in dishes around the house or in muslin bags inside the cat's bed also help to keep them away naturally. Fleas hate lavender oil which you could put on cats collar. .
For mum, lavender oil rubbed into bites will help. Put dabs on wrists, ankles especially and anywhere else to ward them off. Lavender oil can be used neat on humans.
All this avoids the use of chemicals and is much cheaper too. I have four dogs and use these methods with great success.
take piriton, it will ease the itching
and buy frontline flea drops from the vet
I am allergic to flea bites and when the serum that the flea injects into me mixes with the serum in my skin it becomes acid like and turns into a nasty swollen inflamed itchy burn. My G.P has given me an anti biotic type gel to put on them. I have three cats and I make sure that at the first sign of twitching or scratching I put a spot on treatment on the back of their neck for two months.
These flea bites itch like mad for me and the only thing I found helped was putting ice on them.
Perhaps your mum has the same allergy as many people do have to fleas and should get something from her G.P for them.
Another thing is use is called Jungle Fever repellent. You can get it in roll on form from the Chemist. A bit pricey at about 拢6.00, but it does the trick for me and lasts quite a while. Just whizz it around the ankles and sides of upper arms.
Tell your mum I sympathise with her as it can keep you awake at night itching sometimes.
Be careful about spraying cats bed with scents as you could encourage another problem, which is your cat spraying.
Hope this helps, it did for me
Some people are more susceptable to flea bites than others but when they get bitten it can be sore and irritating. I no this sounds sore but it works. Dampen the bite with water and rub some salt on it. This will help with cleaning the bite too. Take some Piriton tablets to stop the itching and rub on some Lanacane cream too. The sooner you get that spray i told you about the sooner your mum and others will stop getting eaten! I know how you feel about having these buggers in your house as i had it years ago and i found it bloody embarrassing,i hated people thinking my house wasnt clean because it is and you probably feel the same way! You can live in a palace and still have fleas, they'll live anywhere where theres a food supply, human or animal. Good luck.
Yep answered the flea question, flea bites on people is easy too, the lavender I mentioned in the other question is a deterrant, fleas jump away from it. Its soothing on bites too. I would say spray your shoes and put some on your ankles as well as on the bites. A combination of this plus the other answer will sort you out.
Again no essential oils on puss cats.
pure aloe vera from the plant
First off you need to address the flea situation in your house. If using the same flea treatment all the time on your pet, the fleas can become resistant to the treatment and the problem will then get out of control. You need to make sure that the flea treatment that you are using is from your veterinary practice as the flea collars etc from a pet shop are not that effective as they only treat the head and neck area.
You also need to be treating the house (and car) with a house hold spray to kill the larvae in the carpets. A thorough hoovering followed by a spray (with a product from your verterinary practice) should keep the larvae and fleas at bay in the carpets.
I work with animals all the time and am particullarly sensitive myself to flea bites. I tend to use antihistamine tablets to curb to itch. The only way to stop them from biting is to get rid of the problem. You also need to make sure that no untreated cats come into your house as this can also make the matter worse. I hope this helps.
Hi there,
Fleas don't spend their entire life on their host animal. The female flea can lay up to 1500 eggs in her lifetime. These fall off the host animal around your house and garden. The eggs hatch in to larvae. These live and feed in the depth of your carpet or crevices of your floor. Larvae will pupate and turn into fleas. These wait until a host animal or human passes by. Then they jump onto the new host.
In order to get rid of the fleas you must break the cycle.
To remove the eggs and larvae from your floor/carpet, hoover your house including upholstery and beds frequently. Shampoo the carpets and mop the floors. Also make sure your cats are treated with a "spot-on" flea treatment from your vet. These combined measures should remove the flea problem from your house before long. Once you have removed the fleas then your mother should recover quickly.
Try these site and I hope your mom gets better.
Calomine lotion to stop the itching and swelling and you buy a cream from the phramacy to stop the flea bites getting infected.
Hope this helps.

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