Friday, July 31, 2009

What's the best flea/tick medicine for cats?

I like Advantage. Works quickly and is very effective. Don't use any of the garbage they sell at the pet stores. It's mostly ineffective and some of it actually quite dangerous for them. You can pick up Advantage at your vets but to save quite a bit of money but it online through
...keep the "cat" powdered up with good'ol Boric Acid powder. keep it out of "it's" eyes and nose of course...and if it's an "in-door" cat... use the Boric Acid power on your rugs... it's inexpensive... animal and people safe and the "bug" hate it.
Go to the Vet and get frontline or advantage, I can't remember which is which but one of them is flea and tick and the other is just flea, the vet will be able to tell you which one you need. They are drops that you put behind the cats head. You do not need an appoinment to get them and you can get them from any vet in your area, you don't even need to be a client, they are around $10 for cats.
I suggest Advantage over Frontline. When I first got my kitten they told me they had been using Frontline but I wondered why there were so many fleas on her. Advantage has always worked for me (well, I mean my cats).

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