Friday, July 31, 2009

What's the best cat to get for my apartment?

I want a cat that isn't going to roam. I live on the first floor, and have a nice back yard and green belt. I intend to allow the cat access to my patio. But I want the type of cat that will
be content to hang around the patio. I have no pets right now. Thanks.
I don't know what the breed is called but it is flat faced and looks like Garfield but has many patterns and colours. If you don't play with them, they don't really move but when you play with them, they are really cuddly and fun! Tell us what you get once you get a cat! Good luck!
Many cats seem to fit your qualifications. Try going to the shelter and adopting a kitten and raise it to adjust to apartment life.
I think any cat that you let go outside unsupervised could roam.
It's always best if you keep a cat on a leash. No matter what breed you get, there is no promise that at some point your cat won't take off after a rabbit or bug and find itself lost. As for the best and most fun breed, I have to vote Bengal on this one. Why? I have two of them sitting on me threatening to bite me if I don't tell you what wonderful and sweet cats they are!

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