Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I name my baby kitten? She is a girl.?

Think of a name you like and then see if it applies to how the cat looks. Distinct colors, markings, ect. should help but my cat had twin calico kittens so i them cali and calico because of their color. I named my other cat Tom because he looked like Tom off of Tom and Jerry so just name it what you like and what you think is fitting.
I would think that would depend on the type of kitten, its color/markings, and its personality. That also depends on your personal preference. I like to give my animals names that have some sort of connection to things that I like. For instance, I have a cat named Cubby, who was named after the Mouseketeer (from the original Mickey Mouse Club), and another named Phoebe, named after Alyssa Milano's character on Charmed.
If I get another cat, I'm leaning toward the name Tonks - for the character in Harry Potter. It's just a really cool name.

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