Thursday, July 30, 2009

What the hell happened to this cat?

Ok so I got back from a 4 day trip and walk into the house. My brother goes and finds the cat and brings it upstairs. He sets the cat down and it walks off to do whatever it was gonna do. A minute later, we hear the cat crying louder than I've ever heard it cry. So we run over to see what happened and the cat is just laying on the ground with it's mouth open, panting and crying. We couldn't figure out was wrong with it. We checked it's feet, legs, mouth, everything. It was lying on the ground for about 30 seconds until it finally got up slowly and walked away. It's been acting completely normal ever since then, and I have no idea what had happened to it. My only explanation is that it may have chewed on a wire and got shocked from it, but I checked all the wires where it was laying and none of them were exposed and none have bite marks. What the hell happened to this cat?
Actually you were right when you said your cat had a seizure. Seizures can happen any time, any where.
Some animals make noise while other's don't. Keep an eye on your cat. If it continues to have seizures call the vet. He'll probably prescribe meds. your cat can to take.
There isn't much you can do for your cat when it's have a seizure but to protect it from hurting it's self. Be sure to use caution too. They are not aware of what his happening to them. Some animals will thrash around and you could get bit
or scratched,. There's nothing wrong with holding them, but again use caution.
Some animals will be very tired after having a seizure and will want to sleep. Let your cat sleep as long as it wants to.
Your cat will be just fine. Good luck and don't panic.
maybe the cat blacked out for a few seconds.
The cat may have had a seizure.You should get it checked out by a vet.
some thing could have dropped on the kitty. or it may be in pain internally . usually when cats pant they are either hot, or have eaten some thing that it should not have. it could be poisoned . I'm not to much of a cat person so i dint know that much about them . may be you should take it to a vet in case it's epileptic or something
Geez, I don't know!
Maybe it had a seizure or something, or got bitten by a horsefly, or possibly someone stepped on it.
How scary and odd!
Cats have strange and wonderful personalities and amazing manipulation techniques. Could he have been begging for your attention?
Sometimes my mom's cat does odd things like howl for about 10 seconds and then go back to normal. She'll be all alone in a room, perfectly content as far as we can tell, and then all the sudden it starts! The vet said it was nothing wrong with her, just her being weird!
I have a cat with tooth problems and we are continually having to have teeth removed. We can tell when she is getting another tooth infection because she will be fine, then suddenly she makes these noises - almost like kitty screaming - flips around crazily, and then returns to being fine. If she does that a couple of times we take her in and it is always another bad tooth. Poor cat won't have any teeth left at this rate!
If it is alarming, you could call your vet and describe the behavior. They may have some insight. If it was a one time occurrence, than maybe everything is ok, and whatever it was is not a problem anymore.
Good luck!
I really can't understand what happened, but just in case I would take it to the vet for blood tests and a check up. It may have been a seizure, some sort of epilepsy, or some internal pain. It's better to rule out all possible diseases and treat whatever he may have.
Well if your cat was sitting close to a window,and saw a cat that's probably why.The sound they make is because they are frustrated from not having sex.I know it sounds funny but i's true.My sister and i were sleeping and around 4:00 am, and my sister and I woke up because my cat was making the same noise your cat made.And then later we saw the cat and asked the vet and he told us why he did it and what was the reason.He will make this noise for a couple minutes or until the cat goes away.Though does couple of minutes or seconds the noise the cat makes is really annoying and not pleasant.
I say someone kicked the cat good and hard. Your cat needs to be seen by a Vet the sooner the better. Stare down the possilbe culprits in your house.

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