Friday, July 31, 2009

Whats a good disney character name for a male kitten?

Mickey Mouse had the cutest cat.what was his name? Ummmmm oh yeah...figaro!
But otherwise I would suggest...Goofy, Huey (donald's nephew), Woody, or Buzz (Lightyear)
Berlioz, Toulouse, or Thomas (O'Malley) from the Aristocats.
Figaro! (cat from pinnochio) Timon (meerkat, lion king) Rajah (tiger in aladdin)
Hercules, Mufasa, Abu, Gaston, Jasper, Merlin, Oliver, Roscoe, Sebastian, Toby, Winston, or Zazu
tons of names and where they're from
How about Mowgli, Sebastian, Bogey, Barbossa, Oscar, or Prince Charming?
Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Peter Pan, Pooh, Tigger, Buzz, Jackson, Remy, names from The Chronicles of Narnia..any of the seven dwarfs..
I'm not that sure, I will post more If I think of any more, later.
Simba from lion king!
Aladdin. Or Tigger. I love kittens!! Is Felix a disney character name? That's my cat's name...if it is, you could also name him Felix..
Nemo or Taz
Mickey,Pluto, or maybe Donald.
Nemo, Pongo, Sulley, Simba, Baloo, Jasper, Stitch
Mickey, Simba, Prince, or Sinbad
Tigger (my cats name is tigger)
Mickey, it sounds cute
Minnie, also sounds cute
Snowy (Snow white)
oliver or figaro
depends on the color of ur kitty

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