Thursday, July 30, 2009

What should I name my cat?

It is black. I was considering naming it M枚rder.
That is an interesting name. I like Midnight or Blacky or Dixie or Blaster.
No name it midnight.
Does Morder mean "killer" in German? I hope he likes to catch birds and mice outside or something. "Mitternacht" means German in midnight in case you want to name your cat Mdnight in German.
wait is it boy or girl
I think that's a really cool name. Go for it, it's unique.
Raven? Blackie? Midnight? Lucky?
Mordor is the name if the city in The Lord of the Rings. Very dark, but appropriate! How about Eastwick? Or Pickwick?
Name it "Nasty Bird Killing, Disease Carrying Abomination Against Man"
Or, simply a good cat = a "Dead Cat"
I HAD A CAT ALL BLACK he came along by himself like he was all dark we call him whisper because he just appeared out of nowhere like that.
I think that name is awesome (murderer), since its black it needs a really good name. If you're into the gothic german names, I posted a few links to gothic names, ones a baby name site, but has some excellent names. Demon - D盲mon is good too. :)
i love it but moonlite midnight and darkstar are sweet names

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