Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to get my cat for his birthday?

i want to get my cat something fun to play with i think he likes running and i dont know how much or what to get him please help?
How about some balls with the bells in them?
Try this. My cat is obsessed with them. Way better than any other catnip toy.
get him a kitty girlfriend i know he will love
cat nip or a feather tickler..
a mate would really make him happy i bet lol. no just kidding. usually any little toy makes a cat happy. tell him happy b-day.
Get him a Boogie Mat by Fat Cat. Its a mat that you can fill with catnip. All three of my cats love their boogie mat.
How about a girlfriend..!
Does the cat know it's his birthday? Why not get something for yourself instead?
Sorry to WITCHIE781 didn't mean to ck bad answer sorry. You would be the best to answer you know what your cat like's
Well, get him a rubber small animal. None of us know your animal. Go to petsmart or some PetStore and see what you think your cat would like.
catnip bubbles

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